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Essential Concepts of Organisational Behaviour

Essential of O B

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Motivated Behaviour

This theory advocates that an employee would need motivation to perform. An employee may have needs, and the needs can drive on to perform well and enrich one’s work with quality in the expectation of better pay. Thus a visible path towards fulfilment of the need is an accredited way to motivate employees to perform better. A path toward increased need fulfilment is the better way to enhance the quality of work.

Desire for Involvement

This theory advocates that employees actively seek opportunities to participate in the process of decision making and solving business problems. Employees tend to be hungry to learn and to share their knowledge and with the team members can be labelled as the desire for involvement. This desire may motivate the employees to perform better.

Hence, an organisation should provide tangible chances to express their ideas and thoughts as well as solicit suggestions from the employee. This is based on the predetermined mutual understanding of fulfilling mutual needs.


People’s perception is different, hence it is possible for two people to differently present the same subject and carry different opinions on the same topic. A person always organises and interprets the information according to his own experiences and perception. Additionally, differences in their values, needs, and demographics also lead them to process the same information differently.

Value of the Person

An employee feels an imperative need to be identified separately from the physical resources of the company like land, capital, and labour. They refuse to be treated as just economic tools that produce profit for the company.

Organisations are Social System

One can argue that Organisations are analogous to existing social systems. As activities within the Organisation are also governed by the psychological laws. Thus, it suggests that people would also have needs for status and respect along with their psychological needs. For example, there are two types of social systems in an Organisation. The formal and informal social system.

Primary Obstacles in Organisational Behaviour


Organisations are considered productive if theta chive their targets and goals for profit. For example, a hospital would be considered productive when it can work efficiently on its full capacity and achieve a higher output of recovery of patients with a reduced in-person staff. Thus, if a business can sustain the same or more amount of output with reduced resources or staff, we can consider that a business is efficient. Additionally, a business needs to achieve its targets for gals and productivity.


Absenteeism is the employee’s failure to report to work. It translates to reduced profits and costs the company as it disrupts the routine of other employees. It becomes difficult for the Organisation to achieve its targets if employees consecutively remain absent from work. When an employee at a managerial level is absent, the key decisions get delayed and cause the team to suffer.


Organisational citizenship is a rarely noticed behaviour that is not a formally recognized requirement but promotes the wellbeing and productivity of the Organisation. Successful Organisations keep employees that like to do more than just their usual jobs and perform beyond expectations. Organisations like to hire employees that can perform functions that are beyond one’s job description. Evidence suggests that Organisations with employees like these outperform the ones that do not have multi-talented employees.

Job Satisfaction

Finally, all the employees look for job-satisfaction from their jobs and define some expectations from their work culture, environment, and payscale to feel satisfied. Unlike
The previously mentioned variables, job satisfaction is a non-negotiable need for an employee. It directly affects one’s attitude towards the job and alters their behaviour. OB practitioners believe that satisfied employees are way more productive than the employees that are not satisfied with their performance. 

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