How to Write an Argumentative Thesis?

September 17, 2020
Author : Katie Crawford

Ever realised how much the credibility of good research gets damaged when the argumentative thesis is not written in a definitive way? There can be no argument as to the significance of a well-crafted and clinching argumentative thesis. A thesis which is weak, intangible will not hold water no matter how pertinent the research may be. The logical outcome being a loss of interest in readers and poor grades.

Who would want to be in such an unenviable situation and see the grades plummeting on account of a weak argumentative thesis? The answer is unarguable, no one. Yet it would be an understatement if one says students do not suffer on this count. Well, you would be happy to know that we have expert writers on board who provide argumentative thesis help to students from multiple disciplines across the globe. Worried that you will not be able to access this service? Rest assured, this unparalleled academic assistance comes at extremely reasonable prices and is a super sure shot way to help you clinch impeccable grades in your argumentative thesis writing. So, what is the fuss about? Just go ahead and hire our Argumentative Essay Help services.

Learning the ropes of how to write an Argumentative Thesis?

Academic writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Writing which is persuasive, focused, succinct, engaging, and inductive is the hallmark of any good argumentative thesis and requires exceptional writing skills.

Exhaustive, empirical research, collation of data, fact-finding, evidence generation are just the tip of the iceberg. The real test lies in putting across the idea in a nutshell – that is a well-developed thesis. It is a well-known fact that the most assiduously conducted research, having tremendous potential and scope collapse headlong on the account that they are written in a way that lacks argumentative tenor. A clear thesis has very sound and logical reasoning. mind mapping. And this is the reason why so many students would need argumentative essay help.

Argumentative Thesis

Understanding the high quotient factor of a good Argumentative Thesis

An argumentative thesis should essentially open with a clear, concise statement which unambiguously introduces the main tenets with evidential parameters. What follows is a rational, clinched, and contextual analysis of the posited thesis. The transitions between the body and conclusion should be seamless, focused and logical. The ideas should be flawlessly linked to the main argument. The language should be precise, crisp and economical. Spurious ideas and evidence have to be strictly eliminated. The evidence used in the argumentative thesis should be factual and accurate. Remember, there is no space for extraneous material in an argumentative thesis.

The high point of any well-drafted argumentative thesis is that each paragraph deals with the exposition of one idea and at the same time logically leads onto the next idea of the argumentative thesis. The synthesis of ideas has to be very subtly achieved making sure that the document retains readability and is audience-oriented.

Strategise your approach to Argumentative Thesis Writing

There can be several approaches to writing an argumentative thesis, the most commonly used methods are: -

  • The Toulmin model– Most commonly used an argumentative thesis written in this mode begins with –
    • Introduction,
    • A thesis/claim
    • Empirical data and evidence to support that claim.

In this style of writing the ideas are well-argued, thrashed out and the text is replete with pertinent rebuttals or counterarguments.

  • The Rogerian model– In this model, the analysis focuses on two sides of an argument and reaches a conclusion after assessing the pros and cons of the proposed thesis.

Whichever model you may choose to follow certain things remain integral to argumentative thesis writing. The thesis has to be above everything else, assertive and brief. Most writers fall into the trap of becoming too expansive. Do not do that, instead make the thesis statement very catchy, concise and persuasive.

Here are some argumentative thesis examples for your reference:

Thesis sample 1

Thesis sample 2

Checklist for well-developed argumentative writing:

  • Does it hook the reader to your ideas?
  • Is your Topic Sentence lucid and succinct?
  • Is the transition of ideas seamless or jumpy?
  • Is it unified and assertive?
  • Is it serving as a blueprint?
  • Is it engaging?
  • Is it capable of refuting all doubts?

Vague, the badly improvised argumentative thesis will not be able to stand a chance. An example of a poorly improvised argumentative thesis would be – Alcohol is bad for health. Being a very generic proposition, many people would agree with this statement. It does not with clarity posit the thesis. In place of this the thesis – As Alcohol Consumption is bad for health there should be stringent regulations imposed by the Government – this qualifies as an argumentative thesis, for it allows room for debate. The main idea should come out not as implication but rather a crystal clear and should be explicitly stated. It is these fine nuances that our team of experts are capable of bringing out with a profound trust in your argumentative thesis writing. Don’t take a chance, writing an argumentative thesis is not a child’s play.

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