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The role of the nurses is constantly changing. Paediatric nurses deal with the medical care of the neonates and adolescents, usually as a part of in-patient service or day-care. With the expanding medical profession and nursing practice, the role of these nurses may vary among institutions but the basic functions remain the same. The role of the paediatric nurse is distinctive because of the developmental immaturity and the vulnerability of children to various diseases and infections. As a part of nursing courses, you need to have a proper understanding of all the related concepts as well as the nutritional health effects otherwise you cannot complete such assignments effectively. However, you can get such pending Nursing assignments completed from the experts at My Assignment Services.

Therefore, the objectives included in the nursing care plan of children are based on primary health care and are as follows:

  • Primary care: Promoting the healthy progression of the child in terms of his physical, emotional and intellectual being.
  • Secondary care: Imparting health care to the child who needs to be treated for the disease.
  • Tertiary care: Understanding and dealing with the child’s disabilities.

Nursing Goals

According to our childcare assignment experts, a nurse has to understand and provide adequate treatment which depends on her knowledge, experience, coordination, job structure, demands of the profession, preventive, promotive and curative care. The nursing goals comprises of:

  • Regularising the life of the child during hospitalisation in order to prepare him for the home, school and the society.
  • Reducing the effect of the child’s differentially abled condition.
  • Instigating pragmatic, functional and synchronized plans for the children and their families.
  • Acclaiming the role of the families in the health of the children.
  • Stimulating maximum growth and development.

As per our health and child care experts, the paediatric nurses are supposed to have the ability of quick response and fast vigour to help sustain emergency situations. They should have control over their emotions, be calm and caring for the family members of the patients, who assist them, administer the right medicines to the patients to help them relieve or recover from the illness and diagnose the conditions accurately to provide the right and timely solution. Also, they should be able to handle the trauma with calmness and wisdom and should be able to stabilize the patient as well. Further, they should keep themselves updated with the recent information and technology to be in pace with the fast-working culture. However, if you come across any sort of doubts, you can always refer to our nursing assignment help services at My Assignment Services.

Responsibilities of a Paediatric Nurse

The general nursing tasks include- recording the patient demographics, assessing his condition, monitoring the vitals of the patients, administering fluids, electrolytes and medicines, carrying out therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, providing resuscitation in case of emergency and preventing infections. Some other responsibilities include:

  • Imparting primary care
  • Providing support to the patients
  • Being a consultant
  • Managing cases
  • Coordinating and collaborating
  • Educating the patients
  • Counselling the patients
  • Researching

Communication is an essential factor when dealing with children. While adults are capable enough to express their problems, a child may not be able to explain his problems. This is where you have to come and understand them and treat them with proper care. There are many clinical classes and lectures which you have to attentive in. Therefore, our nursing experts have to undergo through a lot of things such as considering your assessment requirements as well as marking rubrics.

However, the nurse might need to interpret the health issues the child is facing from his gestures or the inability to do things. Paediatric nurses need to be very vigilant regarding the child's behaviour and attribute to handle the case efficiently.

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