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Dissertations are boring, tiring, and difficult, period. Amidst that, if you get an opportunity to choose a topic for yourself, it is nothing less than what a defeated Jon Snow felt when the Knights of the Vale came to his rescue on Sansa’s call. dissertation rule and guidelines If you are trying to get out and breathe fresh air like this, then this blog is a blessing for you. So, here is a list of research topics with the top 5 dissertation topics and ideas that you can read and write your dissertation on to be a star among the mediocre population of the human beings.

Nuclear Energy and Humans

Radioactive energy is something that people think will replace the conventional fossil fuels as something which can drive an entire city without any stress. Can you believe it? In a world where we have something called the sun showing off its radiation all the time, we are planning to extract energy not from there, but by banging atoms into each other. This, right here is an educational research topic for university students that will impress your professor and peers alike. Anyways, if you are a science buff, this topic will do wonders for you. If you are a management student, you can prepare a budget on how much energy and cost the giant corporations are going to save. If you are a law student, you can easily prepare a dissertation saying if the current jurisdiction governs the use of nuclear power or not and should it be amended and what changes need to be made. You get what we are saying, right?

Social Media and Teenagers

The list of top 5 research topics extends further from this point forth. This topic is something you can even write a book about, right? The growing trend of social media is entrapping teenagers all over the world. Look around, there is always someone with their necks bowed and eyes glued to the screens. While it true that social media has created people relationships across all over the world, with great power comes great responsibility. You can do an entirely new research on the effects that overusing of social media sites are having or carry on the work of any notable researcher in this domain. If you will search, there are countless research papers of professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Oxford, Yale and others. If you can prove that the use of social media is not as harmful as advertised, then you, my friend, will be a star overnight. The international societies might not give you a Nobel Prize, the students’ community will.

Death Penalty

Writing about this topic is an entirely personal opinion. There might be someone who thinks that even the pettiest crime like breaking and entering should have public execution as a punishment. On the other hand, there will be people who are against the death penalty for even terrorists like Ayman al-Zawahiri. See the difference here and the ethical dilemma you can be caught in? Death penalties and law are counted in the top 10 research ideas all over the world. The USA, England, Canada (though we hardly believe they will kill even a fly, let alone a human), you name it and there will be a debate on death penalty there. This topic is entirely moral based and is a controversial topic to write about. But, who doesn’t love drama? Wire the bomb, sit back and watch the world blow to pieces with a warm pizza and cold beer.

Child Violence

It is safe to say that we are the people of the modern world. We live in a world which is not governed by male chauvinism and is ruled by feminism. However, if you will look closely, you will realise that the web is even denser than you imagined. Child violence is a crime that often goes unnoticed and is something which the people generally do not care about. Want to stir up the consciousness of someone? Child violence is one of the unique research paper ideas that you can take up. Research about the child violence and watch the magic happen.

Racial Discrimination and 21st Century

This topic is one of those which hit right on the spot. You feel it? Choosing to write about racial discrimination is a favourite of the research topicsfor college students. Especially if you are a history student, a nursing student or a law student, racial discrimination is something you can revolve your entire dissertation about. You can conduct a thorough research on how racism has existed earlier in the days. What laws were present 50 years ago and how they have been amended in the 20th and 21st century. How Aboriginals were treated during the colonisation of Australia by the British and what was their life like when Australia gained independence.

Okay then. This was the list of the top 5 dissertation topics forming a list of best high schoolresearchpapertopics that you can refer to at any academic level. Should you need any more help or details on how can go on about with these topics, our experts are available just a phone call away.

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