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September 05, 2020
Author : Alex

“Be Productive or Perish”. An aphorism; It’s what the world asks of you. It is critical to be productive; whatever your gig in life may be. 

“The secret to productivity is
that a successful person
projects it as a physical commodity.
Something you can feel and touch.” 

Let us explore this further. How is productivity a tangible good? 

It is that extra output that you achieve due to diligence and smart moves and 

“YES! you can see and touch it. Well almost.” 


Picture a man stacking strawberry boxes in a warehouse with hands v/s his colleague doing the same job with a mobile forklift. The number of extra boxes stacked by his friend is the net productivity and again, you can see and touch it.   

In a different arena, such as a University, where the assignment tasks are more complicated than stacking boxes of strawberry in a warehouse; productivity hacks and the willingness to use them every day reflects in terms of better grades, more time at hand and often abstractly with better and lasting knowledge. 

What are these top hacks for college students?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

hacks for college students

1. #Respect the Time-Table

Time is the master predator; devouring everything, every second. 

“As kids, we all had that friendly teacher who
explained the importance of time through
mathematical calculation and deduced that 

after sleep and regular daily activities,
we are left with negative time to study.
Yet, we still managed school. 

That was your first life-hack”.

Now in college, your productivity paradigm is different. Between multiple screens and digital avatars, you need to effectively plan out a scholarly schedule that keeps your academic needs on priority. 

Plan frequent but short study time-frames ranging between 25 to 45 minutes. You will be surprised by how much you can achieve if each hour of the day is well planned. A time table and sticking to it will inherently amplify the available time.

Make that good old time-table. 

Paste it on your wall and 

follow it ‘LIKE’ your ‘LIFE’ depends on it.

2. Cheat the #deadlines

Always keep deadlines of your assignments earlier than their actual time. It is similar to the classic method of setting an alarm clock at 6:30 AM when you want to get up at 7:00 AM. Cheating the deadlines is essential to avoid a last-minute mess and ensures that the best version of your work is presented as you will have extra time to scrutinize things. 

How do you ensure that all your college assignments are done before time? 

Use the ‘POMODORO’ Technique. 

Instead of working on your assignments for 2-3 hours in a stretch, try dividing this time in 4-6 sprints of 25 minutes each. Create a micro goal like ‘writing the Literature Review of your essay’ or completing a certain part of your ‘programming assignment’ within that set time and reward yourself every time you achieve it. 

Pomodoro technique exploits the traits 

of your brain which makes it work harder 

and better in urgency. It’s an inbuilt ability and 

can be classified as a survival skill developed 

through aeons of evolutionary changes.

 It puts your brain cells in a ‘ludicrous’ speed mode.

social media usage

3. Say NO to #Notifications

Few years down the line; after a couple of corporate jobs and with tons of more life experiences that you have today; you will realize that FOMO is an illusion.

Accept the reality today and stop your social-media notification alerts during hours designated for studying. Constant connection to Social Media triggers anxiety and will not let you focus on your education.

“I am not recommending that you become a social pariah, but limit your virtual time to 30 minutes per day and 

get rid of the constant beep on your phone.

constant beep on your phone

4. Create your #EDUtopia

Make your peaceful study zone where everything that you need while learning is easily accessible with minimum distractions. 

It should be peaceful, comfortable and upright. You may be most comfortable slouching on a couch but that’s not the best spot for studying. Even consider adding a few motivational quotes from your role- models; whoever they may be. I am speaking out of the experience. It works.

5. Be Confident. #LoveThySelf

Don’t start admiring yourself in the mirror now, rather love and respect the scholar within you. Value your ambitions and stay true to your goals. Any amount of productivity planning is futile if you don’t adhere to your convictions. Be smart and diligently approach your goals.

Create goals, not based on the results but 

the impact that they will have on your life.

 When ambitions are holistic and not shallow, 

you will automatically experience credible inspiration. 

6. Learning should be #limitless

Being an avid learner means to have a real hunger for knowledge. If your friends recommend a certain teacher, attend their classes even if they are out of your academic course purview. Pick up interesting topics to explore just for fun. Your brain never gets exhausted as long as it is kept constructively busy.

7. Keep a #list

A to-do list is a tremendous life hack if you stick to the schedule. Keeping your priorities handy in a list form makes it a lot easier to achieve your short term objectives. Keep them easy and periodically update them to get a regular sense of achievement.

8. Use your #smart-phone

Your smart is an all in one device which can add bundles of productivity if used wisely. Consider apps like ‘Toodles’ and ‘EverNote’ for the better collation of your ideas. 

Every smartphone is also a Dictaphone and allows you to verbally record all your No.1 ideas that can change the world. 

Mobile Apps such as Google Scholar and Grammarly are a comprehensive resource for research and proofreading.  These are just some app suggestions that worked for me. Search for your friendly apps for your academic needs. You can easily find effective apps for Essay Help Canada and to resolve Technical Queries with a single click.   

9. Sleep #Well 

Peaceful sleep is fodder for the mind. Never compromise on it. 

“Valid studies indicate that when you 

are busy pulling all-nighters 

and depriving yourself of the sleep, 

your brain starts eating itself. Literally!”

A good study schedule must consist of ample sleep that can revive your stamina, creative and above all the prowess of your brain. Drinking coffee or any other energy stimulants is like cheating your brain. Substances like caffeine don’t make your brain feel refreshed; they simply shut your receptors which are responsible to make you feel tired.

10. Cherish the #College-Life

Happiness breeds intelligence like nothing else. 

“Ask any 40 something to make a wish; 

invariably every one of them 

will wish to return to their college life.

 I, myself can feel strong envy while writing this.”

College in all probability is always going to be one of the happiest phases of your life. This is where you create a lifelong threshold for honour, knowledge and self-respect. Don’t forget to have positive fun. 

Even when you are rich, successful, married and old, you will never forget that one impulsive trip you took with friends without a care in the world. Stay Smart and Positive.
Nothing can stop you.

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