THT3114: Tourism Research and Analysis Research Proposal Assessment Answer
July 09, 2020
Author : Kristy

There are many stories of aberration in the history of business, relation, and other areas due to the lack of proposal. The proposal constitutes ideas about the work you are supposed to perform in the recent future. A research proposal is a document featuring the summary of your research idea as well as a presentation for availing a scholarship or sponsorship from the concerned authority of the institution, university, or the organization. Let us quickly take a glance at the key points that your research proposal should address in this THT3114: Tourism research and analysis unit:

• The research questions and how they are supposed to be addressed

• Time and budget of the research

• Relevant researches already took place in the corpus of your research

• Procedure to evaluate the findings

• Benefits of the research

Writing a research proposal is not easy to task to do. There are multiple nuances and body formats, you not only have to take cognizance of but you have to be perfect at this. My Assignment Services is the abyss of many Ph.D. experts from diverse fields. You can contact them to get a consultation on how to perform your research assignment pretty well. 

Prerequisites of Writing the THT3114 Assignment

Prerequisites of Writing the THT3114 Assignment

Sample of Writing the THT3114 Assignment

The THT3114 is an assignment for which you should know how to write a research proposal. The viability and acceptance of a research proposal depend on both the technicalities and authenticity or uniqueness of the content. You may avail the research proposal essay help from our team but if you plan to do it on your own, then you must have a solid knowledge of the following grounds.

• Executive Summary

• Introduction

• Theoretical Framework

• Conceptual Framework

• Methodological Framework

• Ethical Consideration

• Timeline

• Budget

• Limitation

• Conclusion

• Bibliography

How to write a good Executive Summary?

A good executive summary requires a brilliant opening sentence hinting at the root cause, intent, and purpose of your research. Your methods of research, theoretical model, conceptual overview, and findings should follow accordingly. The objective or purpose should again come in brief in the last paragraph of the summary. Major recommendations should be mentioned in the brief in the research summary.

What should be mentioned in the Introduction? 

Some important components need to be mentioned in the introductory parts. These are as follows.

• General description of the research topic

• Motivation

• Data Collection Methodology 

What is the Theoretical Framework and what should it comprise?

The theoretical framework is a structure that comprises the basic theoretical understandings, various intellectual or expert opinions, doctrines, and prior research in this field. Three main components of the Theoretical Framework are mentioned here.

Literature Review: In this segment what is required the most is the evaluation and review of the chosen literature of study retrospectively.

Gap Analysis: In this segment, you have to trace the gap- the limitation of the research. Space, time, and movement should not be undermined here.

Thematic Table: You have to line up the thematic data and evaluate them.

What is Conceptual Framework in the THT3114: Research Proposal?

A conceptual framework conveys your idea, concepts, and the expectation of research findings. You have to enumerate a clear insight into how you are supposed to deal with the variables in your research. Let's take a look at what are the elements in these segments you have elaborate briefly.

Research Question: This section deals with the question you have framed to get the answer by applying various methods, theories, and approaches.

Aim of Research: Aim of research delves into the implication of your research. You have to be conceptually very selective in citing the aim of your research.

Objectives of the study: Objectives are the basic reasons for why you are pursuing this research.

Hypothesis: Hypothesis is the assumption of your research finding.

What is Methodological Framework? What do I need to elaborate on?

The section of the methodology is quite tactical and strategic as you need to detain the exact method for your research. There are various research methodologies, sometimes used distinctly, sometimes in correlation with one another. Various research methodologies are Action Research, Applied Research, Fundamental Research, Scientific Research, etc. You have to meticulously devise the research design for your assignment. Sampling tools are to be used accordingly. Data should be collected selectively and so you have to select the sample groups taking your research design and topic cognizance of. 

What is Research Ethics associated with?

Research Ethics is the moral standpoint of your research that delves into scientific thinking and logical reasoning and a broadly humanistic approach in collecting the samples and evaluation. There should have no preconceived notion or occult influence associated with your faith. Deciphering and presenting strong evidence is the key to the success of your research.

How to prepare Bibliography?

In this section, you have to cite the references for the sources of data and knowledge you have used. There are various styles or formats to prepare the Bibliography for your research proposals like APA style sheet, Harvard style sheet, and Chicago style sheet. Either you need to have a thorough knowledge of the manuals of Bibliography or format study or you can simply assignment help from My Assignment Services.

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