In recent years, the discipline of health systems has received major attention with the increase of published works, national and international conferences, graduate and postgraduate programs that shows the significance of health systems to students. However, economics has a major impact on such health systems. Want to know how? It’s all here in the blog below.

What Are Health Systems?

A health system may be defined as every activity undertaken by a facility or process whose intentions are to promote, restore or maintain health of the society. As per the WHO frameworks, the basic building block of health systems are identified as:

  • Service delivery
  • Health workforce
  • Information
  • Medical products, vaccines, and technologies
  • Financing
  • Leadership
  • Governance

There are many universities that have undertaken the following course in their academic structure so as to present plenty of opportunities to inculcate learning skills to their students. Health Systems and Economics constitute a whole ocean of the concepts linked together. Let us try to understand what economics has to offer in response to such Health systems and frameworks.

The components of Economics in the Study of Health System

There has been much rationality considered in the field of health systems which persists in the form of preventive services, palliative care, primary care, long-term care, local clinics, community services, and many more. Although there is not a single system for all countries, one thing remains the same – the constraints from physical sources:

  • Current stock of capital
  • Availability of workforce

Such economic paradigms provide a constrained optimisation which can be used as a framework to guide the policymakers to play an important role in the health systems. Let us look at the important components of Health System and Economics.

Role of Economics in Health Systems and Decision Making

There are some specific key decision variables of economics that are considered as most important in the pursuit of these health systems.

  • Financing – Such decisions include how much capital to mobilise to which population group, what services to cover, etc.
  • Payment provider – It is an important aspect to be considered as the payment provider requires major attention for many countries. It has a fundamental influence on quality measures and the efficiency of the services that are being provided.
  • Organisation – Among the avid market failures, the organisation within the health system is typically the key policy issue that cannot be spared with the consumer choice markets alone.
  • Regulation – The regulation frameworks need to be maintained in order to provide quality as well as authentic services to people.
  • Persuasion – It is a different sort of persuasion side lever which refers to policies that aims at changing the preferences as well as behaviour of individuals. These policies can include advertisements, social media and health interventions.
  • Alignment – The alignment between different policy levers is important for the smooth functioning and the fulfillment of the objectives.

From an Educational Perspective

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