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Modern science and technologies have reached far beyond in terms of developing intelligent computer application systems. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are based on the concepts of artificial intelligence techniques that are designed to deliver the content as per the user’s demand and provide constructive feedback to them. Is ITS similar to your teacher? They are similar but only to some extent because the main objective of ITS is to interact with the students just like your professor. The corresponding program personalises as per the instruction running in the background as well as the individual student’s progress. In ITS, students are given the freedom to ask all sorts of questions and complete complex assessments where they get feedback from the ITS.

Architecture of Intelligence Tutoring Systems

Let us look at the different components of ITS architecture:

  1. Domain Model- This model is also known as the expert knowledge which has all the necessary concepts, rules, as well as problem-solving strategies that need to be learned. The domain model can fulfill the needs of several roles such as:

  • A source of expert knowledge
  • Standards for evaluating the student’s performance and for detecting any type of errors
  • Combines the different knowledge elements together

Every knowledge unit can be organised within a dynamic model that can be structured in the form of various hierarchies, frames, production rules, semantic networks, and more. The crucial problems form the reason to gradually adapt the explanation to the learner.

  1. Student Model- It is the core component of ITS and performs three main functions:

  • It should gather explicit and implicit information and dataset from and about the learner.
  • The data collected above must be used to create an avid dynamic representation of the student's knowledge and the related learning process.
  • ITS should be accountable for different information insight by performing all levels of diagnosis in the form of a student's knowledge related to selecting optimal pedagogical strategies that will present the domain information to the student.

  1. Tutoring Model- The tutoring model has the provision to receive inputs from the domain as well as the student model and thereby, makes the corresponding decisions based on tutoring strategies and considered actions. Content and delivery planning are the subsequent part of the tutoring model’s functions.
  2. Interface Component- The corresponding component has the provision of providing access to the elements of domain knowledge by means of multiple learning environments.

Uses of Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Let us take a look at different applications of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS).


ITS has many applications in various disciplines under education.

  • Algebra Tutor PAT- The application system is developed by the Pittsburgh Advanced Cognitive Tutor Center at the Carnegie Mellon University. It makes use of modern algebraic tools so as to engage students with avid problem-solving tasks.
  • SQL-Tutor- The following application system is developed by the Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG). It is the first-ever constraint-based tutor that teaches many students how to retrieve information from the different database systems.

A few more examples of ITS in the educational disciplines are:

  • EER-Tutor
  • Mathematics Tutor
  • eTeacher
  • ActiveMath

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Business Organisation and Training

  • Generalised Intelligent Framework for Tutoring – includes coursework tools that can be used by researchers, instructors, students and instructional designers.
  • SHERLOCK – used to train technicians of Air Force to diagnose and solve problems in F-15 jets.
  • Cardiac Tutor – used to provide support to medical personnel in response to cardiac resolutions.

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