Acute care falls under secondary health care which allows a patient to receive active short-term treatment with respect to a severe injury, recovering from surgery, and an urgent medical condition.


Acute services include all the curative, rehabilitative, promotive, preventive or palliative actions which are oriented towards the people and society. The primary purpose of such acute health care services is to improve a person’s health based on frequency, time, and rapid intervention. It consists of various health system components that can be used for the treatment of sudden and unexpected injuries or illnesses that need to be rapidly intervened or taken care of. It is essential for nursing students to understand such concepts so as to complete their assessments on time. However, drafting such tasks is not at all easy and this is the reason why there are many Community care nursing assignment help experts available across Australia.

Domains of Acute Care

Let us take a look at the following domains of acute care:


  • Trauma and acute care surgery – Specific treatment of all the individuals with acute surgical needs which includes life-threatening injuries, strangulated hernias or acute appendicitis.
  • Emergency care – The treatment of acute life or limb-threatening medical as well as surgical needs. Such medical care includes all the acute myocardial infarctions, patients with abdominal pain or acute cerebrovascular accidents.
  • Urgent care – Urgent care is a means to provide ambulatory care either in a medical care facility or in the hospital. An example can be an evaluation of fever in a child or an injured ankle.
  • Short-term stabilisation – Specific treatment plan that requires acute care before definitive treatment. An example may include administering intravenous fluids to the patient before being transferring to an operating room.
  • Prehospital care – A typical care plan followed until the patient arrives at a health care facility where he will get definite care treatment. Examples may include handling the patient in an ambulance or treating acute health problems by means of local care providers.
  • Critical care – Critical care is meant for patients who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses and emergencies. These usually require comprehensive care and constant monitoring with the help of intensive care units. An example may include patients with respiratory problems getting treated with endotracheal intubation.

Significant Role of Acute Care

Acute health care usually responds to the immediate life-threatening conditions of the patients. Therefore, it has the provision to support a strong health system rather than witnessing a patchwork effort to improve the condition. Effective acute care is driven by a temporal element – Immediate response and action. This involves significant resources that minimise death and disability by integrating acute care with preventive as well as primary care completion.

Interventions For The First 24 Hours

When it comes to dealing with acute care proceedings, you have to determine interventions within the first 24 hours. Some of the key steps that can be taken are as follows:

  • Create acute care service model that needs to substantially play well within low as well as middle-income countries that work in parallel with primary and preventive care services.
  • Improve coordination between acute care providers so as to deliver critical acute health services effectively and efficiently.
  • Development of research methods in quantifying the limitations of acute care diseases and injuries by means of cost-effectiveness components and health economics to justify the integration of acute care within the common health systems.
  • Some nursing assignment help experts say that many national and international discussions should be held in providing a better encouragement of acute care within the national as well as local health systems of a nation.

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