Nowadays, the World Wide Web has an upsurge in the number of movements that bring forth the grave reality of mankind. #Metoo, being one of its kind has impacted the whole world within a few years.

The main reason for this is because the movement centers around the issues of sexual harassment and assaults which, every woman must have come to terms with at least once in their lifetime. This worldwide movement also remains one of the topmost topics even for the essay assignments which are rolled out to students.

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However, the main essence of such essays is to know the complete timeline of this movement so that you can draft better essays on this topic. Hence, in this blog, we will get to know #Metoo and how it has unfolded till now.

What Is The Metoo Movement?

#Metoo has become one of the most impactful movements in history today. Millions of women have shared their own experiences when coming to terms with sexual harassment and assault. #Metoo aims to foster zero tolerance for such menace in society so that there are no cases of molestation, rape, and more. TheMeToo movementis a continuous and dedicated effort to promote social change via social networking sites. It has originated in 2017 with the outbreak of emotions when a long list of high-profile actresses broke their silences against all the sexual embarrassment cases inflicted upon them within the Hollywood industry. It is an initiative by Tarana Burke who used the phrase “Me Too” in the year 2006 for the first time. She wanted to foster ‘empowerment through empathy’ and soon became a source of solidarity for all those women who were harassed or assaulted by men.

Why Was 2017 an Important Time for this Movement?

Alyssa Milano, a famous actress in 2017 magnified Burke’s rallying cry and took it further to make it popular, calling it the #Metoo movement, which has been trending on all top social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram even today. The baton that was initially with Tarana Burke was now passed on to several women in Hollywood. With the hashtag Metoo, thousands of posts are being put up to show how widespread this issue is and demands the attention of the concerned authorities! Before we go on exploring thetimeline of the #Metoo movement, have a look at some facts about #Metoo.

#Metoo Movement

In Focus: Timeline

Now comes that section of the blog which will help you know how this movement has impacted the women all across the globe. With the references of all these women, ourassignment helpexperts draft the perfectessay on #Metoofor students that allow them to secure good grades in such tasks.

So, here’s a brief timeline of events that will give you an idea about how the events under #Metoo unfolded and took its course. Tough, it is impossible to cover all the events under #Metoo, our experts have prepared a list of those that are considered to be the breakthrough for millions of women all across the world.

1. 2006:

Tarana Burke is a social activist who found a non-profit organisation, Just Be Inc, in 2006. This organisation serves the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and harassment. She coined the term “Me Too” after listening to the story of a 13 yr old child in the youth camp, who had been sexually abused.

2. July 6, 2016:

On July 6, 2016, Gretchen Carlson filed a case against the head of Fox News named Roger Ailes for sexually harassing her.

3. January 21, 2017

Millions of people participated to support Women’s march on this day. This protest has been the largest single-day demonstration in the entire history of the U.S. The aim of this demonstration was to fight for gender equality and civil rights.

4. February 19, 2017

There was an employee in Uber named Susan Fowler who was harassed at her workplace. She published a 3000-word essay stating all her experiences working in that toxic work culture. This essay resulted in the resignation of the co-founder of the firm and about 20 employees as well.

5. October 5, 2017:

With the support of several other actresses and former employees of the Weinstein Company, famous actress Ashley Judd broke her silence against the sexual harassment of Weinstein. Due to the #Metoo movement, Weinstein published a public apology. On October 8, he was fired by his production company.

6. October 12, 2017:

With the effect of the #Metoo movement, the head of the Amazon Studios named Roy Price was suspended. This was because Isa Hackett accused him of sexual harassment.

7. October 16, 2017:

The famous#Metoo hashtag movementwas born on Twitter just after the famous actress urged people to share their similar stories on sexual harassment cases with hashtag ‘Metoo’ so that the universality of the problem could be highlighted. Soon, millions of women joined this movement and it turned out to be a hit!

8. October 18, 2017:

Soon with the movement taking its course, Gymnast McKayla Maroney tweeted about her experience when Larry Nassar, the gymnastics doctor sexually harassed her.

9. October 29, 2017:

The effect of this movement is not only restricted to females. Anthony Rapp shares his experience when he was 14. Kevin Spacey made some sexual advances on him which were reported just because #Metoo movement was on an upsurge.

10. December 19, 2017:

There were some women employees at the factory of Ford who reported some of the male employees to be engaged in sexual harassment at two different Chicago plants.

11. January 10, 2018:

Moria Donegan, a famous writer accepts that she is the creator of the Shitty Media men list, which gave people the power to collate all the rumours about sexual misconduct.

12. March 4, 2018:

The famous #Metoo movement moved till the Oscars. Ashley Judd with other women spoke about this event to propagate the idea of support to all those who have faced sexual harassment.

13. April 29, 2018:

More than 2500 women were seen seeking support from the Legal Defense Fund at the Tribeca Film Festival.

14. August 14, 2018:

A former male student at NYU reported against professor Avital Ronnel for unwanted sexual advances.

15. September 25, 2018:

Due to the effect of the #Metoo movement, Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison. These are not just the incidences that have been incorporated within the#Metoo movement timeline. There are more than 50,000 cases that have not even been reported. Just because the Metoo movement had become so popular, some cases or incidences managed to come to the surface, others are yet to be explored.

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Since its inception, “Metoo” has not just remained a movement. It has become a campaign and an initiative to foster universality among all those who have seen the harsh truth of sexual harassment and assault. And #Metoo has allowed all those people to vocalise their experiences in front of the world.

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