The Difference between Article, Paper, and Essay
October 24, 2020
Author : Kristy

No matter if you are a mid-school student, a high-school one, or getting ready for pursuing an undergraduate degree in your favorite subject, you are going to need some good writing skills in all such stages of your academic and professional endeavors to actually get past them. So let's do a quick fundamental distinction because only after knowing the difference between an article, paper, and essay, will you be able to begin writing them in the right format. Wondering 'if someone could help write my essay'? Read on, because you are being helped right at this moment.

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So, let's start with the Essays. One of the most ordinary kinds of writing known to humans is essay writing. And the good news is, you are already aware of what essay writing looks like; and in fact, you have probably written one before. If you are past your elementary education, you one hundred percent have. Back in the elementary days, it used to be something like the five-paragraph length of writing, in which you had to talk about your personal experience, also known as personal essay writing. Or maybe you had chosen something outside that niche. Your teachers had often given you the task of writing an essay to simply assess you of your observatory, analytical, and expressional skills. It is because, as you already know, writing essays or any form of writing is the fundamental requirement of pursuing an academic or professional career.

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Essays are mostly narratives, however, which can be both technical/investigative as well as, emotional. The most distinct part of an essay is its level of creativity. It allows the writer of the essay to make creative efforts to call upon vividness in their write-ups. Essays are also up to a considerable extent, persuasive and rhetoric, without having much material to back the stories. However, of course, they are also not the work of fiction. Essays are as reliable as articles, and research papers. The point of distinction of an essay from an article is that a writer of an essay may go up to any extent to save the creativity and consistency of the narration, even if it means breaking a few rules and making unrecognizable compromises in the information. Whereas, in article writing, and research paper, going bland cannot be an excuse for less accuracy in information, or compromised support of evidence. Then, of course, articles are also not written on personal events. Essays are. In addition to this, essays are also the door to one's mind, and of its capacity to reproduce events from the past, from emotional memories, or from observing someone else's creative work, such as a piece of poetry, sculpture, theatre, dance, singing, painting, and more. Therefore, yeah, essay writing is pretty much it.

The semantics of the word, Paper Writing.

What omnishambles is paper writing? Is it just a paper? Is it something so informal kind of writing that it could not arrange a good name for itself? Hence, paper writing? Absolutely not! Paper writing is perhaps the most misunderstood kind of writing among the three that we are discussing today. Paper writing, as much it sounds like an effortless act demands the most intellectual and physical labor of all because paper writing is nothing other than research paper writing. Yes, the papers that literally change the big and small details of the world, to eventually changing the world entirely. That is the kind of immense power it withholds. No wonder the ones who write them are eventually called the doctors of the subject. Write-ups that demand such forms of knowledge and enthusiasm, must not be very easy to read, leave alone writing one. The point is, papers or academic/research papers are extremely descriptive, therefore lengthy, and full of sophisticated disclosures regarding a particular subject. These are also inclemently systematic, though much depends on the Universities that ask for such papers. For instance, Universities, or Journals (for articles) can be extremely specific as to what kind of formatting the researchers should use; for instance, does the paper need to be double-columned or single-columned? And at the end of which you find a nice bibliography that contains all the sources that have been utilized in writing the paper, but even the format of the bibliography is prespecified to the writers of academic papers. These kinds of write-ups, in contrast to essays, lack the emphasis on narration, or artistic/creative observation/expression. All it majorly asks for is articulation. Evidence. Novelty. Innovation. Discoveries, and the likes.

What, Articles?

Wondering if we missed out on the article part? No, we did not. It has already been discussed while you were so engrossed in learning about paper writing. Still, to put it in simplest words, articles are just research papers, with similar intensity in each part of its consistency, but aimed and prepared for renowned Journals like The Journal of the American Medical Association, also known as the JAMA; or IEEE, an acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Research articles are extremely technical, published by these Journals for contributing to the on-going research and unfounded/well-founded literature of a subject; dissemination; and for 'public consumption'. Articles are often 'peer-reviewed', i.e., read and assessed by fellow researchers but without any disclosure of identities, and is eventually approved by a Ph. D. or postdoctoral editor, to be eligible for a publication.


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