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In nursing, evidence-based practice is the basic criteria that every nurse must exhibit. Certain assessment tools help them gather proper evidence for evaluating the conditions of the patient. TAEASS502 is a unit in nursing that familiarises students with the requisite skills for this process. In addition, after completing this unit successfully, they also get an insight into their application in their respective clinical settings. Over the years, several students have approached our nursing assignment help experts with their queries on this unit. My Assignment Services has always catered to all their doubts and provided comprehensive reference assignment solutions to clarify them. In this blog, we will give you a quick overview of the Design And Develop Assessment Tools Assessment Answer that our experts draft for students.

Core Concepts Included In a TAEASS502 Assignment Solution

Before we go on discussing the different types of assessments that students come across in this unit, let us draw your attention towards the main concepts included in a TAEASS5502 assessment solution. If you’re thorough with these, then probably, you won’t face any problems while attempting the assignments. So, make sure to research about the following concepts beforehand to write a flawless design and develop assessment tools in nursing assignment instantly. These are:

  1. Various principles of assessment that are used while developing those tools
  2. WHS information sources
  3. Evidence rules that have been used to develop the tools
  4. Protocols needed for personal protective equipment
  5. A plethora of contexts of assessments and their role in developing necessary tools
  6. Hazard and incidents reporting
  7. Principles of reasonable adjustments
  8. Dimensions of competency
  9. Workplace health and safety (WHS)
  10. Different methods of evaluation to review the tools that have been developed

Before beginning to write your assignments, ensure that you have proper knowledge on all of these concepts, so that you save time later while doing the assignment. In case you are unclear with any of these concepts, you can bring up all your doubts to our nursing assessment writers. We will help you get them clarified within a jiffy!

The TAEASS502 Design And Develop Assessment Tools Assessments

Now that we have been able to keep a strong foundation of the concepts that you would be requiring in the assignments, we are ready to discuss the different types of assessments in TAEASS5502 that you will write. Primarily, two assessments fall under this unit. Let’s talk about each of them in detail now.

Assessment 1: Design and develop assessment tools portfolio

In the design and development assessment tools task 1, you are required to create three assessment tools that demonstrate your vocational competence. Through this task, the professors test your command over the requisite skills on collecting relevant evidence and then apply them in the process of designing and developing the assessment tools. DESIGN AND DEVELOP ASSESSMENT TOOLS PORTFOLIO As you can see, there are certain parameters (as mentioned in the image above) that need to be addressed by the tools developed by you. Our nursing assignment help experts have drafted a variety of tools for the reference purpose of students for ten years. This has made us thorough with all the technicalities involved in this nursing assignment. Let us give you a quick overview of the steps that are followed by our nursing assignment writers to compete for TAEASS5502 assignment answer for the reference purpose of students. These are:

  1. The first step is to choose at least three learners for trying the assessment tools. We make sure that these learners are from different learning environments.
  2. The next step is to determine three current units of competency. Here, our nursing assignment help experts make notes of the benchmark requirements, assessment conditions and the evidence to demonstrate competency.
  3. After this, our experts determine the purpose and context of assessment tools. We understand whether the tools would be used for on-site or practical environments.
  4. Next comes accessing and researching information for the units of competency. These involve considering certain requirements such as health and safety, industry or licensing, learner needs, reasonable adjustment, etc.
  5. Then, we select methods of assessment that will help in choosing appropriate evidence for three units of competency.
  6. Next, we create assessment instructions that will help students in collecting the evidence suitably. With the help of the supporting documents, templates for assessments, and assessment instruments as provided in the appendices, we use these TAEASS5502 assignment templates and prepare the instructions that abide by the guidelines.
  7. The next step is to create assessment tools. Based on the unit competency, appropriate tools are developed.
  8. Our nursing assignment writers next study the assessment policy that is concerned with the organisation as mentioned in the assignment.
  9. Now, our experts check the assessment tools against the evaluation criteria and see for their validity
  10. The last step is to trial the assessment tools that have been developed.

Using these ten steps, we complete drafting the first assessment task, which is the design and develops assessment tools portfolio. If you wish us to help you with the entire TAEASS5502 Assessment 1 task, then send us your requirements. Now, let us proceed with the next assessment.

Assessment 2: Designing assessment tools report

The main purpose of this task is to demonstrate the theoretical skills and knowledge that is required to design and develop assessment tools. We have also guided students on this assessment by providing comprehensive report solutions for the reference purpose of students. TAEASS5502 DESIGNING AND DEVELOPING REPORT The portfolio that has been designed in task 1 has to be used to write a report for this TAEASS5502 Assessment 2. To write this report, certain fixed steps outline a perfect report. Want to know how to write a designing assessment tools report? Follow these steps that are followed by our nursing assignment help experts. Step 1: Outline the training package components that are related to three units of competency (as described in assessment task 1) Step 2: Then, we describe the steps that have helped us to know each of the components to check the assessment tools Step 3: Now, we contextualise all the units to demonstrate the learners need are being fulfilled with the developed assessment tools. Step 4: After this, we document all the methods that we have selected to choose the evidence. Step 5: Our nursing assignment help experts then include a list of examples for the chosen assessment tools. Then, we state the points that make the tools best for the evidence. Step 6: Thereon, the competency dimensions are highlighted and then incorporate them into the tools that have been developed in the assessment 1. Step 7: After this, we document the information that we have researched upon the assessment tools Step 8: The assessment policy that is provided in the appendices is then used to highlight the processes related to the assessment tools. Step 9: Next comes reviewing the application of the assessment tools process. Step 10: The principles of reasonable adjustment is then explained and applied to the tools Step 11: After this, in the end, we explain the workplace health safety (WHS) measures related to the tools. Using these 11 steps, you can easily draft a TAEASS5502 design and develop an assessment tool report. However, this is not a complete solution. If you require the entire solution from us, then you can get in touch with us now.

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In the past few weeks, our nursing assignment help experts have catered to the queries of more than 200+ students. Our experts are available 24*7 via the live one-on-one session. So, if you get stuck with any of the doubts in both of these assessments, then you can contact us. My Assignment Services has a repository of high-quality TAEASS5502 assignment samples that will give you an idea on our work. In addition to the high-quality academic assistance, we also provide a range of value-added services such as the Plagiarism report, 21-step quality check process, free samples, etc. To know more about our services, or to place an order with us, fill in the order now form and our customer care representative will contact you in no time!


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