Supply Chain Security Issues In Supply Chain Management
March 18, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

June 2017, the largest container vessel company Maersk suffered a cyber attack. This attack was brought on by NotPetya malware and disrupted the Maersk’s operations. This is why students pursuing a course in supply chain management should be aware of supply chain security issues. Hence, the assignments. Learn from the experts about the issues surrounding a supply chain.

Is supply chain security a serious issue?

Well, you are looking for asupply chain management assignment helpto answer supply chain security issues related questions. So, yes, it is. The simple spectrum of supply chain is actually prone to a number of threats that are either physical or cyber-security related. Have you ever thought of a terrorist attack on supply chain? You should because the Maersk example above was one.

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In fact, you would be surprised to know that the British Standards Institution (BSI) published a report which found that there are on an average 3.1 supply chain terrorist attacks per week!

And the digitalisation of the entire world is not helping this scene at all. The supply chain of today’s world are facing more and more threats related to information security.

Here are some of the supply chain security issues that you should be aware of as a supply chain management student –

1. Inventory Theft

This supply chain security issue is prevalent in a lot of supply chain systems. A large proportion of inventory thieves caught are found to be the employees of the company.

The goods moving in and out of the warehouse of a supply chain system are quite large in number. It is, thus, quite hard to keep a track of everything with precision and accuracy.

The thieves generally adopt a complex operation to execute their plan. The most commonly used method by them is to collude with an inside man who is an employee of the company. Or, the employee can collude with an outside man. They move the goods around for distribution and resale.

2. Cloud Access Mismanagement

Nearly every supply chain is now being managed through cloud. Moreover, the supply chains are storing the data on the cloud systems. Hence, the need to upgrade the cloud systems and safeguard the applications is of utmost importance.

This is where the supply chain management join hands with cyber security experts, information technology specialists and data security professionals. Together, they ensure that the cloud access is properly managed. Failure of this can cause IT risks.

The users of the system can find themselves enjoying excess privileges. Someone of bad intention can even leave your cloud storage repositories open that can be accessed by anyone who pleases.

Having a strong permission and access management system is still a supply chain security issue.

3. Smuggling

There are numerous cases of smuggling of illegal goods in the supply chain warehouse. These posses a high threat to the supply chain security everywhere. These illegal goods are mixed with the real and legal goods and then transported with or without the knowledge of the person responsible for the transport.

Counterfeit goods, fake medical drugs and the products obtained from the grey market are smuggled through the international flow of transport containers which are carrying legitimate goods.

Smuggling is a criminal offence which can lead to serious consequences to the company under international laws. Also, it can impact the end destination and the customers. The smuggled goods also take up the valuable space on the containers that are already struggling to meet a high customer demand.

4. Piracy

No, I am not talking about downloading movies and TV series from the torrent clients. I am talking about Jack Sparrow kind of stuff. But instead of fighting with canons and stuff, the pirates of the 21stcentury have also upped their game.

Piracy is one of the oldest and greatest supply chain security issues. Commercial Crime Services, a specialised division of the International Chamber of Commerce can provide you with a data of the piracy attacks. This page here( tells about the 10 incidents that have occurred in the months of January, February and March of 2019. See? 10 attacks and not even 3 months of 2019 have passed us.

Every year, the shipping companies bear a loss of billions of dollars. Hence, there arises a need of hiring extra manpower to protect the shipments. The threat is not only to the supply vessels but to all the members of the crew aboard working on these vulnerable routes.

How to address these issues in your supply chain assignments?

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