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March 18, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Are you a student pursuing supply chain management course and have to answer a report about the Brazilian supermarket chain’s supply chain? Do you want to get an idea of how to approach the assessment so that you can write yours? With the supply chain management assignment help by My Assignment Services, you can get all the answers.

Let us first see the question that I received so that you know what answer I am giving.

The above is the assignment question that was sent by a student who must not be named. Bad joke? Sorry.

Anyway, the question is quite straightforward. Here is everything that we know from the question file -

  1. The company is a Brazilian supermarket chain - Compretudo.

  2. They want a Freight Forwarder who will manage the trade lane from the suppliers in and around Brazil.

  3. Freight Forwarder is going to handle the freight forwarding business of Compretudo.

  4. You are Business Development Director of a freight forwarding business called Fast and Lose.

  5. You want to partner with a freight forwarding business in Brazil - Rápido e Apertado

  6. You have to prepare a report appraising the supply chain security issues of Compretudo and tell how you will improve their supply chain visibility.

What your report should cover?

You have to talk about how sourcing the goods of Compretudo from your country is going to benefit everyone.

Sounds a little confusing? That is what supply chain management assignment expert is there for. Your report should tell Compretudo about what benefits will they have when the fright forwarding business is handled by a third party organisation.

You need to talk about what is the use of taking over their goods, and sourcing them between Brazil and neighbouring country. But you also have to suggest how are you going to enhance the security and reduce the risks.

How Fast and Lose would co-ordinate and manage the various supply chain management

Since you are writing the report on behalf of Fast and Lose, you need to tell how do you plan to manage the entire supply chain of Compretudo. You need to discuss the various roles and activities that your organisation will take care of while moving the goods from the sellers in the homes country and in a neighbouring country.

Potential risks to the security of Compretudo’s end to end supply chain

As seen in the assignment question above, the Supply Chain Director of Compretudo has also asked you to identify the potential issues in the end to end supply chain of Compretudo. For that, you need to propose measures that will tighten the security and increase the visibility.

Sections of the report that you have to write


I know you must be thinking, “Wow, that was so cool. I did not know that I have to write the introduction first.” Here I would like to take your attention back to the title of this blog post. I promised you an answer and answer is what you shall get.

Begin your introduction by telling what is a freight forwarder. The roles, responsibilities and duties of a freight forwarder will be discussed. Then you have to mention what will be the responsibility of Fast and Lose.

Afterwards, you will tell the readers what Rápido e Apertado’s role will be in the game and what will they do. Then, you have to mention what this report is going to discuss, how it going to undertake the study and what do you expect to learn in the end.

A sign of good gesture, here is a snapshot of the introduction I wrote.

Role of freight forwarder

As the heading is clear, this section will talk all about what is the role of freight forwarder. Refer to secondary literature to see the responsibilities of the freight forwarders.

This section is going to be long and you have to talk generally as well as with respect to the companies in the assignment. Use this opportunity to drop into the problems that a freight forwarder face and how is that obstacle expected to be overcome.

This is how you have to write it -

Potential risks to security

As evident from the question over and over again, you need to identify what issues does a general supply chain security system faces. Using them, you need to prepare an argument that will discuss these issues with respect to Compretudo.

Also, you need to provide mitigation methods for this. You will take a dive through the mitigation strategies and the result will be like this -


Yes, this is the part where you talk about the entire report in a summary manner. You will talk about the issues once more and discuss the solution of the problems in a gist.

What if you need a solution to this assignment?

The supply chain management assignment help by My Assignment Services have solved such assignments over the years. We have solved this assignment as well. So, you can request a solved answer or a new file with 100% originality from the team!

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