The students pursuing BUSN20019 have to conduct an individual research project. Can you believe it? 5000-word long assignment? Thank god that there is research proposal writing help experts at My Assignment Services who can assist you with this task. In this post, I am going to tell you all the steps to write assessment 1 of BUSN20019.

I am sure that all you people reading this post here have assignment documents with you and have gone through it. So, there is no use of explaining to you what the question file says, is there?

Let us skip to the part where I tell you how to write assessment 1 of BUSN20019.

Project Proposal

If you have never created a research proposal, then this is your chance to bring the hidden Isaac Newton out to the world. In this assessment, you have to complete 2 parts. The first one is where you will write a single page project plan.

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Creating project plans must be now well understood, isn’t it? So, what to do next now that you know how can you create the project plan. Simply knowing the steps is not enough, right? Here is how you should write the single page project plan-

Identify your Field of Research

The field of research tells the professor what area are you going to explore. These areas should be related to business management and leadership in the business.

Why cannot I choose to research on possible ways to defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame?

Because, you are studying a unit that is talking about professional practice, being a good business manager and a leader. You always carry out research in a field that is associated with the unit or course you are studying.

Once you have identified the field of research for your research project, you need to lay it all out. This is the (in)famous part of writing the research statement.

Select a Secondary Data Source

Here, you need to mention all the sources from where you are going to obtain secondary data. It means all the information that has already been collected, analysed, and published by a scholar. To conduct your research, you will need the help of some secondary data.

For example, you are conducting a research on “Impact on employment opportunities for native Australians due to a rising number of international students”, you will need to take a plunge into the data of jobs, number of people employed, number of international students, number of jobs given to international students, and more. All this is secondary data. From where will you obtain it?

…..from Australian Bureau of Statistics. What is your secondary data source?

Like this, you need to select 2-3 sources of secondary data.

Research Question(s)

On the basis of the topic you have selected, you need to frame a couple of questions that you are going to answer in this research. All these questions must be answered by the secondary data that you have selected.

Try to make clear and direct questions.


You need to save your browser history for this one. Do not use Crtl+Shift+N to search for the secondary data. Every search term that gave you a result you are using to write this assignment is a treasure that you need to save.

For example, your research on “Impact on employment opportunities for native Australians due to a rising number of international students” will have search terms like -

Number of international students in Australia

Number of jobs in Australia

International Student Employment ABS

Pick Peer Reviewed Scholar Articles

The question says 3 but I and other research proposal assignment help providers prefer selecting at least 5 peer-reviewed scholar articles. These research articles are going to be a part of the literature review of the research report.

The second part of this BUSN20019 assessment 1 is to write the project proposal that will be of around 1750 words. How to write that? Your proposal will be in the form of a report.

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Do you know that only 3 out of every 10 students are able to successfully pass this assignment? Pretty tough, huh? So, what can you do to make your life easy and get a good grade in this assignment?

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