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How To Write A Business Research Project Plan
March 26, 2019
Author : Jeffery

If you are pursuing a master’s course and have to prepare a research plan, a research proposal and a research report, you need to get your hands on everything that you can about conducting a business research. And there is nobody who can explain a research plan better than the business research assignment help experts at My Assignment Services.

Use of a project plan

Every project is defined as a set of goals, a team, some deadlines and outcomes. To ensure that everything goes exactly as we want it to, we need a project plan.

A project plan has the scope and the objectives and the steps to achieve them. In any business research, creating a project plan is of utmost importance. Think of it as the foundation stone of the building. If this is not strong enough, your Empire State Building is not going to stand for long. Generally, the project plan is presented in the form of a Gantt chart which lets the reader understand the overview in an easy way.

The importance of project plan is that before you can conduct business research, you need to convince the marker that you have what it takes. You need to show your professor that you are really serious about this research project plan.

How to write a project plan in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Understand the scope and value of your project

A project plan not only lets the assessor know of the project’s execution but also keeps you on the track. According to the scope and the final outcome that is expected, you will define your approach. Hence, every project needs a plan.

Understanding the scope of the research not only keeps you engaged on the right track but also lets the professor know about the research.

Step 2: Conduct extensive research

A project plan is something that is not created overnight. You need to invest yourself and your time. Take a dive into the documents and papers that are related to the research you are going to conduct.

Want to learn a pro tip? As you read the documents, note down all the important details as they come up.

Step 3: Ask a question from the professor

Writing the plan and reading the question file is all okay and cool. But what about the professor? What about the guy who will be reading the 2000-word long document word by word and grading you?

Yes, you need to sit down with them and talk. Talking with the professor will let you in on some big secrets. Maybe the professor will tell you some tricks and hacks that will let you complete the work in half the time, eh?

Some questions that you can ask are -

  • Any stakeholders that I have failed to notice in this research?

  • Is the project deadline flexible?

  • Have you supervised a research like this in the past? If yes, what are some pre-requisites that can help me?

  • Is there any section in the plan that the stakeholders might not understand or I need to explain better?

Step 4: Create an outline for the plan

You do not write a two-page long document on MS Word, get a print and submit it to the professor. You need to create a rough document, what we call as a draft.

This outline will let you focus on the 5Ws that your plan should revolve around. Some of the things that your outline can include are -

  • The tasks you have decided

  • The time you have defined for each task

  • The resources you will need for successful completion of the research

  • The budget of the entire project, if needed.

Step 5: Write the plan

Once you have created the drafts and are particularly satisfied with the result that you have yielded, you are ready to take the leap forward. Now, you will create the final project plan.

Remember, the business research project plan will tell everything that you have learnt and that the professor should know about the research you are going to conduct.

Your plan should be -

  • Readable and easy to understand

  • Use figures and charts to show numerical data

  • Specific and to the point

  • Mentioning the research question upon which the business research will be based

  • Details of the peer reviewed scholarly articles that are related to your field of research

Let a business research assignment help expert assist you!

My Assignment Services has a professional team of Ph.D. scholars who have conducted a lot of researches over the past seven years. Trust me, we are aware of all the intricacies that are to be kept in mind when you are conducting a research.

And you just saw how well I explained to you how to write a business research project plan. Wouldn’t it be better if I can prepare one for you as well? Did I just hear a loud yes? Send your assignment requirements to business research assignment help now!

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