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Alright then, we are pretty sure that you might already be well aware of this course, aren’t you? Very well. So, let us focus on how to solve the assignments related to the SOCS108 subject. For this, we need to summon the spirit of sociology assignment experts to guide us. Now, what important terms you should be aware of if you want to score the top grades in this subject and be the Heimdall of the class? Here is a sample to get a brief –

SOCS108 Contemporary Society & Change Assignment Sample Free

Take a look at the sample below that our sociology assignment experts solved. sample sociology assignment experts All good? Shall we move on? So, how will you solve this one? Don’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you hanging with a question in your mind. If you weren’t able to figure out, here is a detailed explanation of how this assignment (and other assignments in sociology) are to be solved. The below section highlights the key terms you should be aware of.

Topics You Should Be Aware Of

Topics You Should Be Aware Of


Since this subject is of sociology, we shall concern ourselves with what social stratification is. Stratification is a division of anything in layers. Hence, social stratification is when the people are arranged into various societal groups on the basis of their jobs, how wealthy they are, what their social status is, etc.


Ethnicity is the ethnic group you belong to. They are generally social groups that are categorised on the basis of some common characteristics like history, ancestry, language, etc.


The classification of the people on the basis of their sex into male, female, and others is called gender.

Global Competition Utilising Interdisciplinary Perspective

The global competition is the competition between the organisations which are catering to an international market and are attracting the population of al geological preferences. Using an interdisciplinary perspective in this means that the student needs to think from the viewpoint of other domains as well and formulate their understanding on the basis of the same.

Global Competition Utilising Sociological Perspective

With the help of a sociological perspective, the student needs to analyse the global competition with the social relationships of various groups, the social structure that is established and the historical context related to that place.

Global Competition Utilising Global Perspective

Using a global perspective for the global competition means thinking about the situation as the rest of the world would see it. This is important for the businesses operating in various countries. If you have any other doubt remaining or need to talk to an expert for a clarification, send us your request to or fill out the form here and we will get back to you as soon as we are done checking that Asgard is safe.

The Major Subjects in SOCS108

The world of sociology and contemporary society is never complete without some twisted and turned subjects that are sometimes quite difficult to decode and understand. Moreover, these subjects are the reason why so many students look for a professional SOCS108 assessment answers provider. If we are to lay out a couple of them, then the top of the list will be formed by – SOCS108 assessment answers

World System Analysis

To write the assignments, you should know that the world system is a division of the labour on the basis of the region and nation. Using this information, you can divide the world into following sections in your assignment – World System Analysis

Core Countries

The capitalist countries that have been industrialised. They are like Odin: the allfather, who is guiding all the nine realms under one rule.

Semi-periphery Countries

They are the countries which are industrialising. They are like Thor, they think they are ready to have much to learn.

Periphery Countries

They are the countries which have a low proportion of global wealth and are dependent on the core countries. They are like Loki, have to live under the shadow of others. For the assignments, you need to highlight the fact that the world system that we are seeing today has been influenced by world economy (which is a huge geographic area in which the labour is divided). Periphery Countries Remember one thing – the world economy is not limited to any political structure. If Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin were to become the President of the whole world, that still won’t impact the world economy and world system. However, the various political structures within the world system are useful to observe. For example, if the United States of America were to dissolve democracy and adopt dictatorship, that would be a boundary. This section is pretty complicated and the time when all the students are on the same page is as rare as happening of Convergence (when all the nine realms align together). Therefore, students who face a problem here looking for sociology assignment help to understand the concepts better.

Making Societies

To understand the way society operates and how it changes, you need to connect the traditional visions with the current ones. You have to bring out the perspective of intelligence and the importance of the same in the assignments. The society agrees that every brain is different and holds different capability, then how did the concept of intelligence to judge them came up. As sociology has two faces, you need to cover them both while constructing an assignment. For example, the assignment needs you to formulate new understandings of what you already know or maybe you need to find something new that you do not know yet. Highlighting these two aspects are important to write a well-researched sociology assignment. Making Societies Apart from this, you also should learn about the process of social construction, who are the dominant powers, how is time treated as a commodity and is used as a measure of quantity. Also, learning about what race is, how did the society change from the pre-racial categories to the racial categories and origin of whiteness are important parameters to be aware of. Students tend to ask online experts “can you do my sociology assignment using making society concepts” when they are not able to formulate the proper understanding of the aforementioned concepts. My Assignment Services’ sociology assignment help is just within the reach at where you can send your query to our experts. Or, you can fill your query on the form by following link

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