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November 19, 2018
Author : Celina

Commercial cooks have to prepare dishes on a wide spectrum of variety. This uses several of their cookery skills. Thus, students pursuing cookery courses in Australia have to develop caution and decision-making ability. Also, they are made aware of a detailed information of the various kitchen operations. The students are generally employed as commercial cooks in restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, hotels, coffee shops, and clubs. Here, the professionals work either independently or with a limited supervision. They also offer support and advice to their team when the need arises. This is the reason why cookery courses in Melbourne Australia and other cities are on a rise.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Melbourne and Other Cities

There are several requirements that the students need to fulfil while pursuing this course. These skills are equally important to understand from the assignment perspective. The best assessment is the one which is in accordance with the skill requirements, fulfil the course outcomes and is in synergy with the theory and practical applications. Hence, our TAFE assessment experts have identified several sections that the students should follow in order to score good grades. This approach is similar to the one that our experts adopt while solving any certificate 3 in cookery assessment. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Melbourne


The students, in order to complete a cert 3 commercial cookery TAFE successfully, have to display some communication-related industry requirements –

  • To be able to interpret the preparation list of the food
  • Be able to discuss the ideas with the colleagues and supervisors
  • Should be able to identify the operational requirements
  • Be able to interpret the oral and written recipe information
  • Should be able to negotiate and propose solutions that overcome the difficulties being faced in the service and operation of the business.

cert 3 commercial cookery TAFE

Initiative and Enterprise

My Assignment Services’ cert 3 commercial cookery professionals say that the students, who write assignments in commercial cookery have to analyse the kitchen operations in order to determine the efficiency of the service. This can be done by drawing a comparison of the existing ways with the theoretical standards, find the shortcomings of the unnecessary activities and eliminate them. Hence, the students propose new and alternative ways through which the service efficiency can be improved. Also, taking initiatives of generating and presenting new ideas for improving the dishes, the students need to analyse the ones of their competing business or the established organisations.


A certificate in professional cookery assignment demands the student to take care of the following parameters in order to develop their skills and grades –

  • Having a knowledge of the products that the restaurant sells. For that, a thorough research should be conducted in order to identify all the products.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the cookery skill are important to be aware of. This can be undertaken by any student by preparing a SWOT analysis of the target.
  • The student should identify the opportunities through which they can learn. This is made possible when the assignment requirements are read, understood and followed.
  • The students should also conduct an investigation and explore the latest trends in their field. For example, read food blogs, magazines, websites, research papers, etc.

Planning and Organising

Whether it is a commercial cookery course Sydney or one of the other cookery courses in Australia, the students seek the expertise of a TAFE assessment expert because they suggest to –

  • Collect the food preparation list for the assignment. The menus and other procedural information can be obtained via the internet or the official website’s catalogue. This information is then analysed and organised. The students should aim to plan the service period and their meals effectively in order to excel in their assignments.
  • The students also have to consider the customer group they are targeting. For example, the specific needs of a young adult will be different from that of a teenager.
  • The students who are aiming for a better efficiency also have to take care that you are able to deliver the services. This means that the meals are produced and served with respect to the customer needs, meets the standards of the organisation and those of the hospitality business and is within the operational requirements.
  • The students should also be susceptible to change in the traffic of the customers and mould their food production under quick notice (increasing the flow as well as decreasing it).

A restaurant holding a luncheon would need to manage the resources better.  


All the students enrolled in certificate III in commercial cookery Melbourne or some other city are required to write assignments that are taking the following factors into account to write a good assignment answer –

  • The problems that are faced in a kitchen and service
  • Mitigation techniques and methods for such problems
  • Identifying the seriousness of the issue and making everyone aware of the same
  • Solve the service problems and issues
  • Taking the help of the supervisors and participating in the discussion to solve the high-level problems


The cert 3 commercial cookery assessments need the students to manage themselves in order to manage a team effectively. Therefore, the assignments that are given to the students are stressed to develop the potential of the students to be good self-managers. The TAFE assignment experts frame their answers around the following cookery courses’ requirements –

  • Understand the policies of legal compliance and follow the same. This means that you need to research the laws in Australia formulated for the hospitality business and also the code of conduct of the organisation.
  • The students need to take responsibility for their job role and resolve any problem that arises in the kitchen under their management.
  • The students should also formulate ways that allow them to gain feedback from others and seek guidance where needed.

Management structure     The scope of the TAFE assignment experts covers several other domains of the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery which are needed to be eligible for the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. The areas mentioned above are few of the important ones that are essential in this course. My Assignment Services’ TAFE assignment experts are just within the reach for any query that you have in the aforementioned sections or can address any additional query of yours. Reach to us at help@myassignmentservices.com or fill the query form with your assignment details on the following link –https://www.myassignmentservices.com/order-now  

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