Tourism is an integral part of any country’s economy. Remember the time when Dubai built the tallest skyscraper in the world named Burj Khalifa? Did you also hear about Palm Jumeirah which is an artificial isle made using landfill from the river bed? Why do you suppose an Arab country having so much wealth that the police drive Bugatti Veyron built such modern marvels? Because these guys realised that oil ain’t going to keep their pockets filled till the end of time. So, what do they do? That’s right folks, they promote tourism in their country! They realised the power of tourism in an economy. Did you know that tourism contributed to 3% of Australia’s GDP in 2014-15?

Tourism plays an important role in an economy, that has been established. Now, what Australian universities did was launching tourism courses where students are taught A to Z of tourism. A component of this course is selling tourism packages and tourism services to increase the income flow in the economy. For that, a specialised subject was introduced. But, what to do when you need help in writing assignmentsof this subject? You come to My Assignment Services who is providing SITTTSL005 assignment helpto students across many Australian universities.

What Do We Do To Help With SITTTSL005 Assignment?

People in 21stare travelling cross-countries for various reasons; study, working, attend conferences, enjoy a vacation. A woman from North Carolina, USA flew 4,000 miles to Scotland to tag her friend. That’s also a type of tourism. The point is that the tourism industry in today’s world covers a quite large spectrum. Hence, a huge number of tourism companies have emerged in recent years offering too many choices to choose from and are hiring tourism managers to sell their tourism packages.

The job of a tourism manager is to design attractive tourism packages that will appeal to the customers, domestic and international, and increase their client base. Hence, these tourism assignments make students understand the mix of tourists increasing their attraction to specific destinations, using tourism to develop and eradicate poverty in developing countries, tipping the social media scales in their favour while promoting international tourism in a nation and many more.

For this, students seeking SITTTSL005 assignment help in Australiahave to understand what our assignment experts provide help with. Our experts offering academic help to students in subjects related to sell tourism packages and services assignmentshave identified various elements that are students are stuck at –

Stage 1 – Identify Customer Product Needs

This stage deals with identifying the needs, cultural preferences, and expectations of the customer by creating a relationship with them based on trust. You identify the products and services that can aptly meet the needs of the tourist. Don’t be like Mr. Bean who landed in an operation theatre by luck. You might not be as lucky as him to escape unscathed.

Stage 2 – Suggesting Products

Utilising the knowledge of various products available, prepare a package that meets the maximum needs of the customer. You can suggest changes in the existing plans. Circulate these changes and promotions among the potential customers to enhance your visibility and create a need in the market. You might not be the best closer like Harvey Specter, but you can be Mike Ross with practice.

Stage 3 – Provide Information and Advice

Provide these details to the customer and all relevant advice that meet the needs of the tourist. Never go in without a backup plan. If the customer seems dissatisfied, suggest alternate products. Present everything in a crystal-clear format that even a four-year-old would understand its details. Hidden costs tend to anger the customer, so disclose all fees. You’re not James Bond saying “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.”

Stage 4 – Sell Product

When you have explained all promotions and features of your package, provide additional information that the customers ask. Browse for FAQs in advance to be able to answer all queries promptly. Enhance your service to give an exemplary experience to the customer. You don’t have Felix Felicis (liquid luck) like Harry Potter.

Stage 5 – Follow Up

Once the customer is within your grasp, provide after-sales service as per company policy. Don’t hang up on the customer should any query arise after you’ve made your sale. You’re not an Australian Security Intelligence Organisation agent setting up a sting operation to lure in the bait.

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