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How long do you usually take till you blow off the whistle, kicking off on an analytical essay? How long does it take you to interpret the objective, introduce the subject, commence with the body, and bid adieu with the conclusion? Well, maybe 20 minutes till you start ‘superman-ing’ your fingers all over the keyboard. Enough with the graphics, no more son. Let’s hit the analysis essay mark now. Before we do, clear your basics. If you are asked to submit an analytical essay, you should be able to readily answer the questions…



First of all, it is NOT a summary.

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An essay is any short piece of writing which is only limited to a certain subject. An essay can, at times, be confusing for a student. It is important to analyse what type of an essay is being asked by the questioner. In case, you are being assessed on the basis of that essay, the importance only multiplies. Record, interpret, and infer what type of essay is demanded by the situational question key.

  • Expository essay
  • Analytical essay
  • Critical essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Process essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Definition essay

The tips for a persuasive essay, are sort of universal for all. Persuasion is a term that intercepts a reader’s mind and compels him/her to interact further with whatever content is written or shown in the form of photographs, ads, or even videos.

What Is an Analytical Essay?

For this type of an essay, it is important to be informed about a thin line between an analysis and summary. In case, you are simply stating what you feel about the subject, you are summary-bound. On the other hand, you would be in the proximity of an analysis if you are taking the main subject and its features along every time you make a point. An analytical essay revolves more around 'how' something took place rather than simply stating that an event was recorded in the books of history.

What purpose does an essay of this sort serve? It is an argument which also emails 'PFA the reasons for my claims'. It could be a literary work, some event that reverberates in the books of history, or God knows what. It would stand for an explanation or evidence as to what you perceive from a certain impact.

Coming to the point, how do you submit an impressive essay that states as well as analyses your subject?

Analysis Essay - The Workaround

Preparing a draft on how to go about the essay that you are writing always comes in handy. Can you, yourself answer the question “how to actually write an analysis paper” when it comes to writing essays? If you can, then well and good. But, for the remaining majority finding something useful in write-ups like this, you shall proceed with making a draft. Also, if you are an amateur in writing analytical essays or even the descriptive ones, you are advised to fabricate a draft. The draft shall clearly outline the following:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Body, and
  3. Conclusion

Landing first on the introduction airstrip, it is an impact, intriguing, and self-highlighting start or the initial sentence. For one of the smart teachers or professionals who know they are being lured, they should get the impression, whoever the author may be, he/she knows how to write an analysis paper. Giving the topics a background and a basic outline of the elements involved could prove to b in your favour. The thesis statement included at the end of the introduction must be pealing enough. This area could be the ‘make or break’ for your efforts.

When you are done with your introduction, initiate the paragraphs underbody. Here’s a quick tip. Like the preceding sentence, do not forget to connect a paragraph with another be it inter or intra-sections. talking about body, keep in mind you claim, evidences to substantiate your claims, the ties, and last but not the least the ‘title sentence’.

You’ve now covered the most important part of the essay as a whole, the body. Moving on to the conclusion section, this section shall comprise an out-and-out summary of the body, connecting it with the introduction sentences. You could choose your way or format of including the thesis statement. Do the above and no one would throw “What is an analytical essay?” questions at you.

Analysis Essay- The Walk-Through

When your clock just doesn’t stop ticking, it’s your choice, whether you would go down the thorny, gravely, and bumpy road or take the well planned and organised highway. When your common sense does choose the flat lined road, you must go through the following steps in order to reach your destination in one piece and on time.

When they say you cannot do it…

analytical essay writing help

Starring with the first point you must follow when writing a quality analytical essay, in an attempt to shut up anyone who taunts you, “how to write an analysis paper?”. One way to do it is given below.

Introduction of Your Essay

The underlying motive is to grab the attention of your potential reader. For this, you must know the niche your reader could possibly belong to.

Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘em

Throw the hook at your reader. In order to ‘hook him up’, the introduction part could either be interesting or surprising. Feed him a bait, quickly raise the fishing rod and swing him towards the analysis bucket to follow.

Kill the Thesis Statement

To get right to the point (like the blog you are reading right now is), make the reader’s exit impossible. Write a thesis statement such that there is no turning back. Make sure you take time to connect with what precedes and follows the thesis statement. You must activate your spider sense while you thread the thesis statement with words. That’s exactly how much careful one has to be while killing it.

(Caution: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, OR ANYWHERE). If you stay obedient, could mommy bail you out for killing the thesis statement?


Here, inform the reader about how you are gong to backbone your claims. If you have already commented or portrayed your perception on the subject, scribble down how you are going to progress. This phase would be the ‘cell’ of your essay. THE STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL UNIT OF THE BODY.

The Body of Your Analytical Essay

The body brings you the opportunity to play around with the formatting and the basic elements involved. When starting each paragraph, podium it with a strong ‘title’ sentence. This is the most highlighted element in your entire write-up. Make sure, that the body solves the purpose for which you are spending hours writing the essay.

Topic Sentence

A topic sentence is, basically a strong tagline endorsing each paragraph you are about to write. Having mentioned the places where your prospect reader could turn back from, do not let this be one of the weak points in your write up.


A claim refers to the elemental parts of your overall and ultimate and inevitable subject. These are the smaller parts of your rite up which contribute toward the ultimate goal of your analytical essay. You must note that the claims are more than just mentioned and not fully enlightened on already.

Reinforce your Claims

Examples from history could very well fit in here. Just make sure the quoted example is credible and rightly referenced. Make it a point, whenever and wherever quoting a line or two from external sources, do give due credit to the source. In case, you have framed your format in such a way that you are repeating a line from somewhere above in the write-up, you could choose to put it in inverted commas or simply paraphrase it in order to avoid plagiarism or unwanted repetition. Be as smart as a lawyer and outspoken as Robert Downey Jr.

analytical essay writing help

Link Your Claim with The Title Sentence

List the reasons for why you quoted the examples (if you did). In case you do not, the thin line between an analytical essay and a summary would be broken and your essay would be a waste of time for anyone who wished to hover eyes over a substantial essay with an analytical outlook.

Analytical Essay -The Conclusion

Yes, the heading sounds like the name of a movie, in reality, try to make it as interesting as one. After you’ve backed up your claims, the conclusion shall then re-state them. Remember, do not commit the mistake of overdoing this section or it would seem like an elongated, boring, and unrehearsed action scene without any ‘supposed to be there’ sequence. Let this section be restricted by words and not more than 10-15% of the given word limit. There will always be teachers or checkers who would want you to write a relatively longer conclusion. Ok, go on, listen to them, but, otherwise? Keep it short.

After you’re through with writing your essay, go through it once again. Substitute the irrelevantly long sentences with shorter and crispier words. You will be bombarded with a list of checkpoints and tips in this blog now.

Easy Hacks for Analytical Essay

Since the analytical type demands you to evaluate the facts (unlike a descriptive essay), its requirement doesn’t comprise 'what', 'when,' 'where', etc., but it answers the 'how' and 'why' as well. If you were in your high school, you must have chosen a topic of your own liking. Most of the times, the topic you had chosen was an “easy to fetch information on” one, and not what might make sense! Guess what, the game changes when you start making an impression in college. The same essay during your years in college would require an in-depth analysis or evaluation of a topic. The topic is so specific that even looking it up on a privilege like a world wide web won’t help.

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