There have been several case studies that have become important for students who are pursuing specific courses from different universities. For instance, nursing students have to go through a lot of case scenarios where they need to critically analyse and make effective decisions.


In this blog, we are going to discuss one popular case study - Sarah and Joe, which discusses foster care methodologies.

Sarah and Joe Case Study Assignment Sample

The corresponding case study considers Sarah and Joe who are aged 34 and 37 respectively. They have been together for 15 years but have never married. They have one son, Thomas, who is 12 years old. They have brought up Thomas together and have shared their parenting responsibilities. They both enjoy being parents and both have a love of children. Joe is working as an IT specialist while Sarah works in customer care service for a bank.

Students have to analyse the case in the scenario of whether their situation matches to provide the foster care to the child that they are about to raise. Our experts responded to the corresponding Sarah and Joe case study by centering their research on the situational analysis.

Approach to Solve Sarah And Joe Case Study

The corresponding case was needed to be analysed, evaluated and summarised the key factors which would eventually lead to the recommendation. Our nursing case study assignment help experts have successfully been able to identify the strengths as well as the vulnerabilities for further development as the responsible foster carers.

foster care

Let us look at what points our experts highlighted in response to provide answers for the case study.

  • Sarah and Joe both are well-educated and have been successful in taking care of Thomas. Since Sarah loves children, it is quite evident that she can take care of the foster child highlighting the fact of having close bonds with Thomas. She is already aware of all the theories centered around child development.
  • Our health care experts used the knowledge of parenting theories to understand how Sarah and Joe did the parenting to date. They have a family routine, a proper mealtime, rules about bedtime as well as they ensured Thomas is involved in sharing the household tasks. They also have a provision of providing a safe and secure home environment for Thomas. This shows their knowledge of becoming effective parents.
  • However, one thing is sure that Thomas did not give them problems with his behavior as he had no history of disruptive behavior or truancy. Things have been easy for Sarah and Joe as they have to use minimal discipline with him. But the care given in these circumstances can be learned from a Foster course or a number of resources that includes reading materials on managing behavior or even DVD’s that can explain what to do in such cases.

By analysing the above situation, our assignment writer landed on the outcome that both Sarah and Joe have good capabilities of being good foster carers. We wanted to cover more points but unfortunately, space is less to cover all that. However, you need not be worried at all, you can download the entire assessment sample for Sarah and Joe's case study.

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