Conflict and containment are important in the field of nursing practice and hospital management. Aggression, suicide, self-harm, use of alcohol and absconding are a few examples of conflict whereas required medication, seclusion, coerced intramuscular medication, special observation, manual restraint, etc. comes under containment.

The Safewards Model in Simple Form

The Safewards Model in Simple Form

The above-given figure is the simplest form of the Safewards Model. It explains the factors which affect the rate of containment and conflict inwards. It also explains why few wards have more conflict and containment while others do not. Nursing assignment help experts explain the above-given terms in-depth below:

Originating domains - Psychiatric wards are a physical and social location which generally differ from patient's normal residences. It provides round the clock mental health care based on legal and voluntary coercion. It has six different collections and aspects of features which influence the frequency of containment and conflict.

Staff modifiers - It is a way or a feature in which the staff acts while taking care of patients and their environment, accountable to answer interactions with patients. It has the capacity to influence the conflict or containment frequency.

Patient modifiers - The ways in which a patient behaves and responds towards each other is called patient modifier.

Flashpoints - It is a psychological and social situation that arises from originating domains, preceding imminent and signaling conflict behavior. More details about flashpoints can be understood by the nursing assignment experts.

Conflict - It includes the patient behavior that threatens the safety of others in the form of suicide, violence, absconding, self-harm, etc.

Containment - Containment generally includes the factors that the staff performs in order to prevent conflict events. Also, it helps in reducing harmful outcomes such as p.r.n. medication, seclusion, special observation, etc.

Implications For Conflict and Containment Reduction

Staff Team - Implication is the interventions that make a change to moral commitments, psychological understanding, technical mastery, emotional regulation, and teamwork skill. These terms are useful in minimising the conflict and containment rates. The two simple steps to bring such changes are training, education and clinical supervision of selected workers. However, the two given steps are just the possibilities. Ward nurses and managers can play an important role in implementing these values and model.

Physical Environment - The physical environment focuses on the environment quality, cleanliness, and all other ward activities. The staff can also change the way that the environment interacts with the behavior of the patient. For example - checking that the ward is properly locked or not, regular check routine and observation can reduce ward complexity and increase the monitoring of the patient which also prevent suicides.

Outside Hospital - The staffs should be engaged in a patients' life within the hospital. Financial circumstances are an important factor and staff needs to assist with the money management, benefits system, and debts. If they are helpful and supportive, then the patients might need help to get in touch with their friends and family members.

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