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When we say the word ‘original’, what comes to your mind? Isn’t it the Plagiarism report that you need to submit with each assignment? Well, that’s just one aspect that lets you validate your authentic work. However, there are so many other dimensions of it.

Drafting an original academic assignment not just means staying away from plagiarism, but also putting forth your views in the best possible way for the readers to understand.Have you been wanting to submit an original assignment that can help you outshine others?

You’ve reached the perfect destination then.My Assignment Servicesis a trustworthy firm that consists of a vast pool of experts providingacademic writing helpto students worldwide. Let’s now discuss certain ways by which you can produce an original academic document while sitting right at your home!

By the way, there are so many other tools other than Plagiarism which you can use to detect plagiarism in your assignments. Some of them are:

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Let us now cover aspects other than plagiarism-free assignments to make your work original.

Here’s How You Can Turn Your Boring Assignments Into Masterpieces!

Though creativity and academic assignments don’t go hand in hand, who says, we cannot infuse certain elements of creativity while writing our assignments?

Ultimately, it’s your assignment and you need to craft out different ways to make it your version, isn’t it?

Here are some ways ourassignment helpexperts add a touch of originality in their work. Maybe, you can try these as well?

1. Smart extraction of data or information

A lot of students who approach ourassignment writersfor help are the ones who find it challenging to extract information in their assignments. This is because, whatever source they choose, either they aren’t credible or they use everything exactly without giving due credits to the author or writer.

On the contrary, what we do in this situation is we only rely upon original academic sources like newspapers, books, journals, etc. We employ the latest research trends and smart techniques to extract information. This is possible only when you read extensively and explore multiple resources. In addition to this, we also refer to the peer review journal articles to make the assignments innovative. This is because, when we criticise the work of others in our work, we not only engage the readers but also propose possible solutions to the problems addressed in the work.

2. Cite or quote

If you wish to stay away from plagiarism in your academic assignment and make it original, the best way to do it is by citing or quoting. However, ourassignment helpexperts have gained command over different referencing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, etc, only after years of practice.

This method is organic and saves you from all the tensions to pass your assignment through plagiarism-checkers. Everyone talks about citing someone else’s work, but what about if you use your work in some other document? Even then you need to cite it properly to save yourself from plagiarism.

Coming to quoting, we all have to pay extra attention to quote in the right manner. This is because when we are quoting something, we are using another way to make our work original. This is why, in addition to using “block quotes” we also state the resources from where we have quoted it.

3. Paraphrase or summarise

If we work smartly, then it is tough to produce original work. Another way to do it is to paraphrase or summarise. If we are taking up information from the work of others, then it is always advisable to write it in our own words, if we want to save the time of referencing it.

To do this, ourassignment writersfirst get to know the whole idea behind the information by reading it thoroughly. Then, we summarise the information in our own words. While doing this, you must ensure that you do not write the same words after the second word, as it might be detected by the algorithms.

Interesting fact: There is a difference between paraphrasing and summarising. ‘Paraphrasing’ meaning restructuring the information and writing it. ‘Summarising’ means mentioning only the main points and elaborating upon them in our own words.

4. Fixing grammar

A lot of times when we borrow information from the work of other authors, we exactly copy the words too. The intent and words used changes when we paraphrase it. Thus, it becomes imperative to check the grammar that we have used in our academic assignments.

Some of the most common mistakes that ourassignment helpexperts have observed are as follows:

  • Your and you’re
  • It’s and its
  • There, their and they’re
  • Affect and effect
  • Than and then
  • Loose and lose
  • Me, myself and I
  • Improper use of the apostrophe
  • Could of, would of and should of

Whichever words you use, make sure that they fit exactly in the context which you are using them. Else, your professor might trace it to be borrowed from the work of others. To ensure that these mistakes are not included in the reference assignment solutions that are drafted by ouracademic writing helpexperts, we proofread and edit the mistakes that might have come by mistakenly.

5. Use the right vocabulary

Often in the urge to impress the professors, students tend to use artificial and sophisticated vocabulary that is not even needed. In addition to this, they also use technical jargon to demonstrate their command over the topic.

On the contrary, ourassignment writerskeep it as simple as possible, so that it is easy to understand. However, that doesn’t mean we compromise with the quality. We use the correct vocabulary, as per the demands of the academic document.

With the use of correct words and information, we infuse a spark of authenticity in our work.

With these easy tips, have you understoodhow to make an assignment original? If you still want more similar tips, then you can get in touch with us and we will provide you witheasy tips and tricks to write better assignments.

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