You might be aware of the term "professional practice in nursing". It can be defined as a model that describes how registered nurses practice, communicate, collaborate and develop professionally in order to provide quality care to a patient or the organisation.

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The Importance of Role Clarity in Nursing Professional Practice

There are a number of strategies in nursing practice which have the possibility to awaken professionalism in the field of nursing which also includes the work in role clarity. The term "Role clarity" helps to explain the role of a nurse in his/her particular practice. In the profession of nursing, there are three main domains which are:

Independent practice: It can be defined as a nurse practitioner’s ability in which they provide care in the absence of a physician. Nurse practitioners have granted to examine, diagnose and provide treatment to a patient.

Delegated practice: Delegation in nursing can be defined as an act to transfer the accountability and responsibility to another person in order to carry out the activities and maintain accountability for the outcome. The registered nurses have to perform numerous tasks and delegation is one of them.

Interdependent practice: Interdependent practice in nursing is a role activity and function where nurses share with a nursing professional which contributes to patient coordination and care.

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Standards of Nursing Practice (Australia)

Standards of Practice

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) provides a list of guidance to midwives and nurses through different codes, policies, and guidelines. This guidance helps the nurses to understand the NMBA's requirements and expectations and provide the way to meet them. A few professional standards for nursing practices are listed below.

Standards of Practice For Registered Nurse

The RN or registered nurse practices are evidence-based and person-centered with curative, preventative, supportive, formative, palliative and restorative elements. The registered nurse works in professionals as well as therapeutic relationships with a patient, their families, and communities.

The community of Australia is mixed with linguistic and cultural diversity, and the RN practice standards are a part of this context. The registered nurse comes to understand the importance of history and health and wellbeing culture. This level of practice reflects the understanding of an individual over the impact of colonisation on the social, cultural and spiritual lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Being a registered nurse or engaged in RN practice, nurses are required to think and analyse continuously for thoughtful maintenance and development of constructive relationships. Thus, registered nurses need to develop professionally for professional practice. Here are the few standards of nursing for registered nurses:

  1. Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice
  2. Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships
  3. Maintains the capability for practice
  4. Comprehensively conducts assessments
  5. Develops a plan for nursing practice
  6. Provides safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice
  7. Evaluates outcomes to inform nursing practice

Nurse Practitioners' Standards For Nursing Practice

Nurse practitioners are able to deliver high-quality clinical nursing care in different nursing contexts in Australia. Nurse practitioners generally care for an individual, a group of individuals and communities with different problems.

  • Assesses using diagnostic capability
  • Plans care and engage others
  • Prescribes and implements therapeutic interventions
  • Evaluates outcomes and improves practice

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