Writing a report is a part of academics, especially for those who are studying in Australia. The Australian universities conduct activities like online quizzes, examination and writing assignments to know a student's knowledge about the subject. Generally, the report is a piece of document which presents information in a well-organised and formatted manner. The report can be related to a business or even the latest technology. You must remember that the aim behind writing a report is to find the facts of an event, process or situation. Let’s break it down into various sections:

How To Prepare A Report In Academics?

Before writing a report, you are required to devote enough time to plan and prepare. It is important to determine the types of audience you are going to target. The report should be written as per the intended audience and their expectations.

While planning a report, you must consider the following points to determine the objectives and goals of the paper.

  • Identify your readers
  • Purpose of your report
  • The relevant information you are going to include in the paper

Once you have done with the above points, you are now required to collect information and data to support your writing. The next step must be to analyse and evaluate the collected information. Now, you can use this information to create an outline for your report.

Here’s a Hint for Creating an Outline

An outline acts as a blueprint or roadmap of your paper. It helps to be organised with your report while writing. Many students get fail to prepare an outline, thus they can get follow the steps given under:

The outline must have:

  • The title page
  • Thesis statement
  • Body
  • Conclusions
  • recommendations

You can also include the sections like a table of content, reference page glossary of terms etc as per the need and requirement of your report.

Know The General Format Of A Report

Writing a report includes a few important sections like title, summary, introduction, body, conclusion etc. which are explained below:


Title Section – This section includes the author's name and the date of the report written.

Summary – In this section of a report, you are required to include major and important points, recommendation and conclusion. It should be short, precise and clear. Some people only read the summary and have an overview of your report, thus mention all the important information.

Introduction – It is generally written on the first page of a report. This part of a report highlights the problems which are going to be discussed in the whole report.

Body – Writing a body part is a major section of a report. There could be a number of sections and each section having a subtitle. Information is logically arranged as per its importance.

Conclusion – This is a point where you need to compile everything together. Avoid using jargon, technical wording while concluding your report.

Recommendations – Recommendation includes the lists of actions that should occur. You need to explain your recommendations as per their importance and priority.

Appendices – The information included here is the information that experts are going to read. It should have the entire technical details which support your conclusions.

Following the above-given format will not just help you to keep your report organised, but also helpful for the readers to find information easily they are looking for.

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