There is a deep connection between statistics and our daily life. From morning to night whatever we do, see, feel or experience is interlinked to statistics in some or other way. For instance, while cooking we put all the ingredients in the accurate proportion to make perfect food, the understanding of proportion comes from statistics. Whether it is emergency prediction, medical studies, weather prediction, political campaign, stock market, etc., reports are created and presented in a statistical format so that it can be well understood to the audience and researchers.

In other words, Statistics is the mathematical analysis of real-world data. Is statistics we collect, verify, analyse, interpret and summarise the complete set collected of data.

Statistics As Your Academic Subject

Statistics is not just a branch of mathematics; it is also the advanced version of solving complex issues. There is a high relevance of statistics in taking the most valuable decisions in real-life issues because the qualitative data is used in the majority of professional fields to solve how, why, how much, and other questions related to the real-life problems.

Statistics as an academic subject improves student’s problem-solving capacities and boost their quality of logical thinking. It also helps students in understanding the professional way data collection process, data summarising and presenting it in numerical form for further analysis.

Interesting Branches Of Statistics In Which You Can Get Specialised

Statistics is the field where rigorous research and practice are needed. Students with analytical thinking and problem-solving brains can do specialisation in the two different branches of statistics, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. These two branches describe the whole idea of statistical analysis and help to feel the real beauty of the subject.

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics is the first part of statistical analysis which deals and defines the collection and presentation of data. It is the brief explanatory coefficients that are used to summarise a given data. The collected data can be presented in a sample of a population or the entire population. These data can be represented through various forms such as tables, graphs, and diagrams.

Inferential Statistics

Inferential Statistics is a technique through which statisticians collect information from the sample to make inferences, decisions or predictions about a given population. This branch of statistics deals with probability terms by using descriptive statistics. This method is used to analyse data, make estimates, and figure conclusions from limited information which is obtained by sampling and testing how useful and reliable the estimates are. There are different types of calculations of inferential statistics such as - Regression analysis, Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), Statistical significance (t-test), and Correlation Analysis.

Topics on which you can get your statistics assignments

Statistics is a very vast field where information is available all around, all you need to do is gather logical and useful information according to the topic of your research, summarise them and then analyse and interpret. Being a student you know who broad the subject is and you might get worried about the topics on which your professor can assign you the academic assignment. The topics that are included in statistics assignments are noted below.

  • Random Variables as well as Processes
  • Probability
  • Regression Analysis
  • Central tendency measures- Mean, Median, and Mode
  • Forecasting and Time Series Analysis
  • Sampling Theory
  • ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  • Testing of Hypothesis

Key Steps You Need To Know While Solving Statistics Assignment

When it comes to assignments we simply follow some thumb rules for finishing it on time, be very creative, think logically, be a perfect time manager, learn to differentiate between which resource is useful and which is not, pen it down the collected information in a well-mannered way and last but not the least try to be different from all. These steps are general and used for all the subjects, but you as a student of statistics need to stand out from the crowd and follow the below-mentioned steps to solve your statistics assignments.

  • Collection of data - Noting can work out in statistics without relevant data. For any efficient statistical analysis, appropriate and numerical data is very essential. So focus on collecting good data for your research.
  • Summarisation of data - Once the collection of numerical data is done, you need to summarise the data properly, calculate the gathered information and represent it through tables, graphs or charts so that it can be easily analysed.
  • Analysis and Interpretation of the data - While doing the statistical analysis we analyse and integrate data and relate it to the tabulated information through different theoretical models. These models can be a probability distribution, regression analysis, etc.

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