Persuasive writing is done to convince or persuade the readers on a specific viewpoint or opinion. And when a tinge of ‘personification’ is added, the readers can relate more to it. This is what personification does to persuasive writing. Hence, there is great relevance of personification in persuasive writing.

Examples of Personification

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What Is Personification? Learn More About It from Our Prolific Essay Writers.

It is an imperative literary tool that is used as a figure of speech by students. The primary purpose behind using this is to provide human-like qualities and traits to animals and inanimate objects. Due to this, anyone who reads it can connect to them instantly without even thinking about it.

There is a relevance of personification in persuasive writing. It pictures a more lively non-human entity combined with many human attributes that otherwise would not have been possible.

Is there anything better than human emotions to convince someone of any of the opinions or viewpoints? That’s precisely what personification does to persuasive writing; it appeals to human emotions, triggers them, and ultimately convinces the readers of a particular idea. Hence, the purpose of persuasive writing is fulfilled.

Here are the examples of personification that our essay writing help experts have used most of their work.

  1. Time and tide wait for none.
  2. The elephant enjoyed every moment with joy
  3. The cool breeze touched my hair
  4. The fire swallowed the entire apartments
  5. The soil was thirsty as it had not rained for over a year in the village.

Notice how the non-human entities like time, tide, elephant, breeze, fire, and soil have been personified and given human-like characteristics. This is the effect of personification on different objects.

Let us know something more about how personification is used in poems.

What Is the Effect of Personification in Poetry?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that poetry solely depends on the literary tool of personification. This is because poetry is a passionate literary work that has to appeal to the emotions and feelings of the audience; else, it would be futile.

There have been many poets and poetries in literature where you can easily find examples of personification. For instance, Robert Frost uses personification in his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ and personifies the road using phrases such as ‘grassy and wants to wear’. Similarly, whenever poets talk about the rivers, they incorporate the glistening sounds, again personification.

Just like this, personification plays an indispensable role in persuasive writing as well. Hopefully, our essay writing help experts will make you understand this better with the help of a recent essay sample that we have produced for our valued clients. Let us proceed.

Understand The Relevance of Personification in Persuasive Writing with an Essay Sample from Our Experts

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To help you understand the Relevance of Personification in Persuasive Writing better, we present a few of the excerpts from the solution that we have drafted recently for our valuable clients.

Personification essay sample

Notice how death is personified in the poem. As you can see from the above image, our essay help experts have described one of the poems of Emily Dickinson in this essay and elaborated upon the effect of personification on death.

Coming to the next part,

Personification essay writing sample

In the above image, it is clear how our experts have personified the three different images to give the idea of the different stages in the lives of humans. With the help of this literary device, it becomes easier for us to draw parallels between many of the events, incidents, objects and automatically relate to them quickly.

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