R&D Methodologies Case Study Analysis

May 25, 2021
Author : Benny Carter

If you have been struggling with your research and development methodologies assignment, you must know that there is no easy way around it. Like the discipline itself, writing an assignment on research and development can be a complex task. Students have to carry out cavernous research to be able to write a descriptive and detailed assignment on research and development. A case study must speak about a specific subject as well as value additions made to a certain product or service. Research and development also extend themselves to the process of improving a product to enhance its utility, functions or value. It is pertinent to note that research and development is one of the most important aspects of product development. This is also true for various services. Most service-based businesses around the world invest a considerable amount of money into research and development. By staying at the helm of research and development initiatives, companies not only ensure a superior product or service but also meet the requirements of their customers.

Research and Develpment

What is Implied by Research and Development?

The term research and development was coined in the 20th century. The concept of developing a product or adding value to an existing product or service was relatively unheard of before the commencement of the 20th century. However, with the advent of industrialization, there was a subsequent rise in consumerism, popular tastes and consumer preferences. This compelled sellers and businesses to join the race to constantly improve their products.

Fast forward to the 21st century and research and development have become the watchword across industries. With businesses investing a major portion of their expenditure budgets on improvising their products, it is difficult to sustain a product with constant innovation and enhancement. Whereas businesses around the world have realized the merits of R & D in recent years, the concept of research and development is perhaps as old as science itself. In recent years, it has also emerged as a formal discipline of study.

Academic institutions and universities around the world now offer specialized undergraduate, postgraduate and certification programs in research and development to apprise the students of the contemporary techniques and methodologies of the subject. With wide scope and application across scores of industries, the subject has quickly grown popular around the world among students from all educational backgrounds. However, due to the rigorous requirements of writing a well-founded R&D Methodologies Case Study Analysis, the students have to look out for case study help. Several online assignment help services can provide them with a detailed account of the discipline.

Research and Develpment2

The Intricate Relationship between Research and Innovation

Research has become a rather essential aspect of the development of products and services in industrialized nations across the world. From the creation of a design blueprint to subsequent additions and revisions in the functional designs of a product, research and development make way for innovation through pilot surveying, prototype manufacturing or ideating in laboratories. Research and development have now also become a statutory and regulatory requirement for companies. Government and authorities require the business to constantly meet the changing and evolving market standards with their products.

Basic research is concerned more with an invention rather than with innovation itself. It usually happens that scientists and academic thinkers stumble upon a novel technique or technology while performing study and groundwork on another subject. Basic research, for this reason, is also often described as the work undertaken by scientists and their aids who further their investigations without a specific goal in mind. Here the only motivation for all research and analysis is to unravel more information about the discipline.

Difference between Basic & Supplemental Research

In several contemporary pursuits of full-scale innovation and research, rudimentary research is often also known as the basic research or pure research as the meaning of the word may suggest. This research is often performed to meet the most prominent problems in any industry.

Splicing or cloning which is a common practice In research across pharmaceutical industries is an example of basic research. The body of findings deducted from this rudimentary research constitutes secondary or final research. applied research begins with studying the small components that make up a subject whereas developmental research is centred around trying to understand the cause and effect relationship between the structure or anatomy of the products with the impact that they will have on the intended users of the final product. The same can also be said for services. Applied research or developmental research exploits the findings derived from basic research to the extent that the new product or innovation can be used to solve a specific problem or an issue. In the developed part of the world including first world countries such as the United States of America, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and Japan, research; both rudimentary and supplemental have been a robust pillar of economic planning.


Over years of research and development across different industries in the world, attempts have been made to harness the skills and knowledge from research and development to be able to solve the collective problems faced by society. Societal development has been one of the biggest motivations behind research and allied development. From developing innovative techniques of overseas communication to developing path-breaking weapons of mass destruction, research and development have been used to resolve the collective problems faced by societies and communities as a whole.

Whereas it has been proven time and again that through research and development, it is possible to meet the constantly evolving needs of individuals, communities and societies around the world, the main challenge faced by innovators today is to ensure that that the techniques and methodologies developed by them are not marred by inconsistencies and flaws that can be misused by miscreants. Owing to the intricate profundities involved in research methodologies, students often have to face several problems while putting together assignments and research papers on any research and development. There are several online Case Study Help portals that can provide them with academic guidance to help them score high and understand better.

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