Social Marketing Plan and Research
August 19, 2020
Author : Olivia Moore

What’s the golden rule of Social Media? “Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted”

PUB113 is a course that deals with the best practices of social media marketing to create an impressive brand image. Social media provides opportunities for brands to connect to their consumers and engage with them in a productive manner. It can help generate loyal customers for a brand as it creates direct opportunities to start a dialogue with the consumers. Well, impactful content curation is just the tip of the iceberg of social media marketing that makes maintaining shiny public relations via social media, an ever-growing and challenging task. 

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This blog discusses essential information to develop social media marketing strategies. Students can leverage these techniques to build their technical concepts and or to build stellar public-relations models and strategies. So let’s get started!

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Essentials of Building Public Relations Strategy

Identify The Right Social Media Platforms

Identify The Right Social Media Platforms

The first step to building great social media strategies is to identify the right social media platforms for your brand or a concept brand. Different social media platforms attract different kinds of audiences. For example, Instagram is famous amidst generation-Z and Twitter is famous amongst the entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, and political leaders. Reddit is a platform that has a cult-like user base and is insanely popular among university students in America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

There are too many social media platforms, and a brand doesn’t have to be active on all of them. A brand only needs to be active on the channels where they can find their audience better. Thus, conducting research to identify the audience, their age, their gender, and their platform preference is a decisive factor in narrowing down on the right social media platform. 

Fill Out Your Profiles Completely

It is important for businesses to complete their profiles on the social media platforms that they think are a good fit for their business. One of the monthly activities at successful businesses is that they regularly update their information like a profile picture, bio, and cover photos. It should be an integrated part of the social media audit of the brands. Not only a completed profile shows professionalism, but it also lets your customers know that you are active and constantly responding to the dynamic environment.

“Regularly posting and updating profiles stimulates interactions and boosts Brand’s image.”

Tune The Content According to The Platform

Tune The Content According to The Platform

Different platforms have different preferences for the type of content. Some of the platforms like Facebook would give preference to the Videos while either platform like twitter would give preferences to the media that come with external links. Some platforms prefer text posts like Medium and Reddit while some platforms promote every kind of posts irrespective of their format. 

One should also tune one’s content according to the business and target audience. Realize what your audience engages with and try to produce the content in the format that encourages audience engagement. 

Select a Time and Frequency to Post 

Tuning the frequency of your posts according to the platforms helps your customers find your posts every time you upload content. If you post too much, the algorithm would restrict your posts, but if you post too little, the algorithm would penalize you! Either of the cases is not good for the brand and may take a toll on the image of the brand. 

It is best that you post twice a day for Instagram or upload at least 16 stories! While for Facebook, you could take it up to thrice a day! It is best to post 8-15 posts per week on Linkedin and 21-80 posts per week on Twitter!

Select a Time To Post

Select a Time To Post

To maximize user engagement, post at a particular time every time. Platforms like Twitter sees a high engagement between 1-3 pm, and platforms like Instagram sees peaks twice or thrice a day. Once in the morning, in the afternoon around corporate lunchtime, and in the evening. Generally, you can notice that the sweet spot of Instagram is around 8 pm or 6 pm. 

Set Goals and Metrics to Track!

Set Trackable metrics for your brand engagement. A practical goal would be to acquire 20,000+ engagements on Instagram in a month. As the brand grows and people engage, even more, you could increase the engagement goals!

Use Engagement tracking tools like Google Analytics Hubspot and Buffer Analyze to track user engagement, analyze the age group, identify the gender, and narrow down a location. These metrics would help you identify the portions of the audience where the brand is doing good and the portion of the audience that is not engaging with the brand. Thus helping you understand the position of your brand in the market. 

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