Within the world of academia, every essay has its own purpose and significance. While the aim of each of the essays is to find a solution to the problems that are discussed in the essay, this is quite ironic in the case you are given the task of writing a problem-solution essay. The reason behind this is that you don’t even have the problem given to you here. You have to devise out both the problem as well as the solution yourself!

An existent issue in society is to be identified for which we need to find tangible solutions to fix the problem. Known to be one of the most educative and intriguing kinds of essays, they also pave the way for carrying out several relief programs in the developing world.

Therefore, finding problem solution essay topics that are capable of addressing the existing social challenges becomes of the utmost importance for students. This is why there are so many homework help websites for college students in the USA to guide students with captivating essay topics for their assessments. My Assignment Services has always been the leading organization for students with the answers to all the queries of students here; from essay writing tips and tricks to high-quality reference essays, we have covered it all for you. In this blog, our college application essay help writers will discuss some of the most trending problem-solution essay topics for college students. Let’s get started.

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Our professional team of essay writers is known for the proficiency and unmatchable quality that they put into every reference essay draft. Not only this, we have been engaged in bringing out the best topic ideas for students, in different types of essays such as narrative, persuasive, analytical, problem-solution, and more.

In this section, we will hover 5 unique themes and provide problem-solution essay topics for college students within those themes. With the solution for the following problems, you can easily draft a complete essay.These are:


1. Sexual Abuse in the USA

This is one of the most popular topics for problem-solution essays in the USA. The reason behind this is how sexual abuse is rampant in the states, especially for students. For this problem, our college application essay help experts have written upon several solutions. This way, we have crafted well-structured problem-solution essays for the reference purpose of students.

The solutions that we have covered for this problem are as follows:

  • The offenders should get stricter punishment
  • Students should be taught how to say ‘no’
  • The newly-employed teachers must be screened

2. Violence in the Schools

Violence has always been one of those social issues that have always been present in society. From schools and universities to domestic spheres, a majority of students witness this every now and then. However, as schools are considered to be the stepping stones for a child, this topic has a lot of significance for them.

Owing to this, there are several homework help websites for college students which have talked about this concern. For this problem, our essay help writers have provided students with many solutions, some of which are as follows:

  • Improvement in security enforcement
  • Ban on possessing a gun in the American schools
  • Helping students in learning self-defense

3. Racism as a Social Evil in the USA

All over the world, people come to terms with racism. Having said that, the USA remains one of the top countries in this league. Naturally, this becomes one of the most relevant issues for the problem-solution essays. This is why our essay writing help team has already covered ample solutions for this problem.Some of them are as follows:

  • Encourage communication between people from different races from an early age
  • Role of media in putting a stop to racism
  • Increasing the penalties for exploitation on the basis of race

4. Issue of Cultural Segmentation

The USA is considered to be one of the most diverse places to be; from different cultures to ethnicity, one can find people from different cultural backgrounds here. This contributes to the clashes between different cultures. Thus, it is important to be culturally inclusive to promote harmony among the citizens.

For this problem, we have provided high-quality essay writing services in the USA to students and guided them through the solutions. These include:

  • Promote cultural inclusiveness
  • Helping people learn to consider all the cultures to be equal
  • Stop encouraging the judgemental mindsets of people
  • People must not impose their own beliefs on others

5. Low Confidence Among the Youth

Dealing with a wide range of day-to-day problems, the youth nowadays gets depressed and de-motivated. In the present scenario of COVID-19 all over the world, where students are left with no jobs and work, losing all the self-esteem is obviously common. Therefore, this becomes the most favorite problem-solution essay topic for college students. 

Following are some of the solutions to this problem.

  • Prohibit the over-dependence of students on social media
  • Empowering students to accept their flaws and love themselves the way they are
  • Limiting the influence of celebrities on the youth in the form of advertisements

So, these are the 5 top trending problem-solution essay topic ideas for students in the colleges. We have worked on several such topics for the reference purpose of students. If you want to know more about how our college application essay help work, then you can hover over the samples that we will provide you for reference. In addition to this, if there’s anything that you want to know from us instantly or you would like us to help you with your own essay topic, then get in touch with our bonafide experts vi the live one-on-one sessions. We are available 24*7 to assist you with your queries.

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