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Our nursing assignment help panel of experts believe it to be a consequence of primary disease, an operation or an unrelated factor, which might be general or specific.

Things to Keep In Mind in a Post-Operative Complications Assessment Answer

In a post-operative complications assessment answer, the highest incidence of these complications is within 1-3 days of surgery. Repeated evaluation of the patient by the operative surgeon helps to avoid these complications. The amount of discomfort experienced by the patient depends on the kind of surgery performed. According to the experts of our nursing assignment writing services, the common postoperative discomforts include-

  1. Soreness in the throat
  2. Restlessness
  3. Sleeplessness
  4. Constipation and flatulence
  5. Nausea and vomiting as a result of general anaesthesia
  6. Inflammation around the incision site
  7. Thirst

Some Of The Most Common Complications In a Post-Operative Assessment Answer

Sometimes, complications may occur after the operation. According to the American Medical Association, the most common post-operative complications are:

  • Shock- Hypovolemic shock is characterised by reduced blood flow throughout the body. It frequently results from low blood pressure. According to our nursing assignment help experts,its remedy includes preventing blood loss, flat positioning of the patient, intravenous infusion of saline/ blood, medication, maintaining an open airway, lowering heat loss and providing oxygen therapy.
  • Haemorrhage- Haemorrhage is the rapid blood loss from the body. It may occur from the site of surgery and results in shock. Our nursing assignment experts believe that its treatment comprises of infusion of saline or plasma preparations to replace fluids and transfusion of blood.
  • Wound infection- The exposure of the site of surgery to the external environment can lead to bacterial infections, resulting in a wound. Such infections can delay healing and also spread to the surrounding areas or organs. Treatment to this issue includes draining of any abscess and use of antibiotics.
  • Deep vein thrombosis- According to our nursing assignment help professionals, when blood coagulation occurs in the deep veins, it can lead to obstruction of blood flow and result in a heart attack. The treatment depends upon the site and size of clots- thrombolytic medication to dissolve clots, anticoagulants to avert clotting or surgery to remove clots.
  • Pulmonary complications- Pulmonary complications occur due to inhaling food, water or blood, pneumonia or due to insufficient deep breathing within a span of 48 hours of surgery. The symptoms experienced by the patients are cough, wheezing, chest pain and fever.

Factors that influence a post-operative complications assessment answer

According to the experts of our nursing assignment services, The occurrence of the post-operative complications is based on the type of surgery performed. Hence, the treatment for such complications will be based on the following factors:

  • Patient’s opinion
  • Patient’s forbearance towards specific procedures, medications or therapies
  • The extent of the disease
  • Patient demographics, medical history and overall health
  • Type of surgery performed

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