Poetry is the language of creativity and imagination infused together. You might have come across many poems in your life and wonder how to translate them into general language. Did you feel the need to seek a professional or a person with a sound understanding of poetry to help you with that?

But, here's the secret: poetry can be easily translated and understood in an easy language; the key is to know the points to analyze. Various poems are often written based on the poet's personal experiences - many works of Robert Frost and William Wordsworth. You might have to even go through the writer's biography to learn their perspective.

Did you know that the word poetry
descends from the Greek word ‘poiesis’,
which translates to “making something”?

Read forth to learn more about what exactly is a poetry analysis essay? Its format and key points, and the steps for composing such an essay.

what should a poem analysis include

What Is A Poetry Analysis?

Analyzing a poem can be done in various ways by commenting on the poet's writing style or critically reviewing the poem's central theme. The process of analyzing a poem requires studying the various poetic devices used, the rhyme scheme, metre, the meaning of each line/stanza, and the poem's central theme.

Analyzing all such key points is essential for composing a poetry analysis essay. You may take note of a few of all the poetic devices used in the poem on your first read and add a few more to the list on your second read. But, translating all the stanzas and the metre can be a challenge. You can always read the poet's other works to get familiar with their writing style and perspective.

The earliest poems written were called epic;
they were written based on real circumstances.
The older epic still widely read is the 'Epic of
Gilgamesh', which dates back to 300 B.C.

The more we talk to someone, the more their vocabulary grows on us, similar is the case with reading poems. You will get familiar with the writing style, and there are always a few common devices that poets may use in more than one of their works. So, you just need to read the poem again and again to compose your essay.

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What Are The Key Points To Consider For Writing A Poetry Analysis Essay?

Poetic analysis requires only two major steps: one is reading the poem multiple times, and the next is analyzing the tone and language of the poem. The analysis involves commenting on the poet's sensitivity, the aesthetics of the poem, the writing style, and all the other elements of the poem.


Clear from the word, the tone of the poem means the emotion depicted in the poem. Similar to how people's talking tone depicts their mood, poems are also written in various tones to convey the emotions that the author wants to display. The two main people or perspectives involved are:

  • Poets generally write as the speaker of things - describing an incident, a person, or a feeling.
  • When you figure out the speaker's perspective, move on to analyzing the recipient of the poem's subject.

Did you know that International Poets Day falls
on 21st August? Next time you may want to wish
all your budding poet pals.


Next, the poem's language analysis is also very important in poetic analysis; it is the most difficult part of such an analysis as it requires thorough reading and rereading to translate every word/line/stanza of the poem. There are many poetic devices used throughout the poem and various symbolism, and all these have to be reviewed.

  • The symbolism in a poem doesn't have to be only a list of all the symbols and speech devices, but your perspective on them is what meets the purpose of composing such an essay.
  • The poetic technique in the poem will include identifying all the poetic devices - metaphors, simile, alliteration, rhyme scheme, etc.

When analyzing a poem, the text must be detailed, using various analysis techniques for explaining all the key points in the poem and the various devices. Understanding the poet's perspective is the most important part as it is the basis that justifies each line and the various elements of the poem.

poetry analysis essay tips

What Is The Format Of A Poetry Analysis Essay?

The format of an essay is always the same - the introduction, body, and conclusion - regardless of the type of the essay. An essay on poem analysis is no different; you will write in the same format, yet the content in each section may vary. Here's how you can write them:


The introduction section for a poetry analysis essay includes the name of the poet and the poem and the background of the poem or poet. For example, the poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost does not include a specified subject. It's not written in a perspective that suits the apparent world. So, the introduction/description of this poem will be based on the idea or central theme depicted in the poem.


In the body section, you dive deeper into the central theme, symbolism, tone, language, metre, rhyme scheme and the poetic devices used. As we already discussed above, the language in your essay isn't going to be a collection of information but also your analysis of all the key points of the poem.


In the final section, you will reiterate your findings and make the final comment on the poet's writing style and the poem's central theme. The conclusion section is entirely based on the previous two parts of the essay, yet you have to make it effective and deliver it with a punchline or a motif that summarises the poem.

The world-renown French poet Sully Prudhomme
was the first-ever individual to win the Nobel Prize
in the category of literature.

Understanding poetry is difficult, but that doesn't mean you aren't suited to read or analyze poems. In fact, all the highly acclaimed poets leave it up to their audience to extract all the various ideas from the poem. You will get a hold of analyzing poems after you regularly indulge yourself in reading poetry, so keep reading and keep analyzing.

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