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PHE2EHI Global Environmental Issues Essay
April 29, 2019
Author : Jessica

Environment health is as important as the health of humans. The world is degrading and fading away and it is up to us to take things seriously. Hence, the students like you have to take on an essay writing assignment that deals with global environmental issues. Our healthcare assignment help providers will help you understand the concepts.

How to Write the PHE2EHI Assignment Essay?

You need to write an essay based on the following requirements -

PHE2EHI Assignment Essay

In this PHE2EHI assignment, you have to select any one of the above global environmental challenges and then write an essay on that. Choosing an environmental issue is only the first step. Your essay will take an insight on all the responsible factors and will ask you to think globally for these issues.

I am going to assist you in writing the essay by giving you guidance on what to write.

Part A of Essay

Your PHE2EHI global environmental issues essay will follow the same structure and outline like any other essay. But since you are discussing issues of the environment, the professor has asked you to divide the essay into two parts.

In Part A, your focus will lie on the explanation and exploration of the issues. Let us suppose that you chose climate change to write the essay about. Now, you need to discuss at length about this one particular area, keeping within the word count, of course.

You need to provide the readers with an overview of how global health is affected by the changes in the climate. For that, you will need the help of healthcare assignment experts who can decode the WHO data for you.

For example, “There are a number of challenges that will greet the identification, quantification and prediction of the effect of the climate change on health. As a student, the geographic scale of the climate-related health impacts and the time frame are not available. Therefore, the focus of the analysis will be on the study of geographical data.”

Such an introduction will discuss what problems you will face and what you are doing to keep the show running. Remember, the causes of these issues due to the topic you have chosen should be highlighted in the essay. For example, according to a study by Steffen, the number of deaths in Australia due to heatwaves over the last 100 years are more than any other natural event.

Not only that, you need to discuss what will be the long term impact of the problem you are discussing on the area you have selected. To answer this part, you need the support of the literature and studies. For example, studies by authors like Toloo and organisations like Climate Commission have stated that when a person is exposed to a heatwave for long, they can develop heat-related diseases like heat exhaustion, dehydration, etc. If the situation worsens, they also hold risk to develop heart or kidney diseases and even death in extreme cases.

Part B

Once you have discussed the issues at depth, you need to select a community that is particularly associated with the issue you have discussed. For example, the people living in the hottest places in Australia would be more prone to developing health issues due to climate change. Identify the local communities living there and define the health issues they have or may possibly develop in the near future.

After the local community has been identified, you need to make recommendations for the action to be taken. This action plan should be based on the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.

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