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The professors in your classroom might have defined the meaning of persuasive essay by telling you that is an argumentative essay in which you have to prove your point of view on certain topic in such a way that the reader can build a strong faith on whatever you are saying or trying to prove. Even after having this explanation, I am pretty sure that there is still some sort of doubt prevailing in your mind like, ‘How can I be argumentative?’, ‘How will I prove my point?’, and the most common yet important question is ‘which topic will be perfect to get HD grades’?

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Expert techniques for writing a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay deals with the explanation of a specific topic and aims to make the audience believe that your point of view is the most relevant, logical and valid information on the topic. Now that we are done with understanding the definition and topics of argumentative essay, it’s time to move a step forward and learn the techniques of writing a persuasive essay. Below are some tips penned down by the experts of My Assignment Services that will help the university scholars while writing theiressay assignments.

  • Stay focused on the central theme of your essay, i.e. the topic and thesis of the statement of the essay. Keep the same view right from the beginning till the end of your essay. For example, if you are writing about the ill-effects of mobile phone, then write about the drawbacks and support your points with logical reasons.
  • The most important element of an argumentative essay is facts and research. Before writing the essay you have to do extensive research on the topic and find statistical data, scientific findings, and research that will prove your points.
  • Stand on your point throughout your essay. From least important to most important you have to make a coherent pattern to hold your reader’s attention so that he can believe in whatever you are trying to convey.
  • Although your professor is the one how is going to read your essay, don’t forget to explain your topic from scratch. Doing this will make your professor believe that you have done good research.
  • Always remember one thing that you will also get information opposing your point, you have to mention those points in your essay too so that your professor can understand what are you arguing against.

Format of persuasive essay writing

Whether a persuasive essay or a literature review, there is a proper format of every form of writing and you have to follow it for crafting the finest piece of art. Before knowing the format is essential to know the 3 main elements of a persuasive essay, Logo, Ethos, Pathos.

Logo - Logical points and reasons are must in a persuasive essay.

Ethos - Prove yourself ethically right.

Pathos - To make your write-up more convincing you have to awaken the reader’s emotions.

Outline of persuasive essay

For writing a perfect persuasive it’s important to add all the three elements in a balanced form to convince your readers. So after understanding the elements, the next task is to understand the format of an argumentative essay.

  • Introduction - Like all the other essays you have to start with the introduction. Begin with stating the background of the topic, the move ahead to the main point of argument, then through light on the thesis of the statement.
  • Body - Now comes the body of the essay, here you need to justify your point in three different paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you have to write discuss the main idea of the topic, then in the second paragraph the facts and finding supporting your point, and in the last paragraph argue the opposing point of view.
  • Conclusion - Have you ever sew flowers on cloth? For that, you have to begin by tieing a knot at a point and after fabricating the flower, you have to end it by tieing a knot on the same point. This is what you have to do while concluding the persuasive essay. Here the statement of thesis is the knot, you have to start with the statement of thesis and mentioned it in the end by showing how you proved your thought right.

10 Best Topics To Write A Persuasive Essay

Oh! You are still confused about which topic to choose for your argumentative essay. No need to bother yourself any more we are providing to the top 10 topics for writing a persuasive essay.

  1. How to stop global warming?
  2. Is technological advancement good or bad for the world?
  3. Is everyone selfish?
  4. How to save money and live a lavish life at the same time?
  5. Is immigration from one country to another good for the global economy?
  6. Are ghosts real?
  7. How to stop the increasing drug consumption rate?
  8. How to detect lie?
  9. Are mobile phones becoming the reason for various illnesses?
  10. Should we quit using mobile to make a healthy future?

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