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What do you have to do in the assignment?

A most common assignment is analogous to the one given in the unit SNPG903 at the University of Wollongong. In this assignment, you have to analyse the person-centred culture in your organisation. After the analysis, you need to propose a project that will act positively in improving the person-centred culture in your practice environment.

The project will be submitted in the form of a report which will have the following components -

  1. An overview of the area of care you worked in
  2. An overview of the person-centred nursing framework
  3. The prerequisites of the framework
  4. How the framework assists you in the healthcare practice
  5. How the care environment affects the person-centred care framework
  6. Where the practice is with respect to the person-centred care framework
  7. Recommendations for improving the person-centred culture in your work environment

How should you answer the question?

Since it is a report type question, the format is quite obvious.

  • Executive summary
  • Table of content
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Current practices
  • Literature review
  • Tools
  • Recommendations
  • Reflection on experience
  • Conclusion
  • References

That is how you are going to do it.

So, how and what are you going to write under each section. Let me begin in the order of the report writing, okay?

Executive Summary

I answered this question with mortality and morbidity, so I am taking it as an example, okay?

The executive summary is the gist of the entire report so that a person who is not in the mood to read a 10-page long document can understand an overview of what you have talked about in one page. That is why the executive summary will be short in length and will include everything about the report.

I prefer to write my executive summaries in the end.


I began by telling what person-centred nursing care is. Then I switched to what this model is and what does this model do using secondary literature. Then, the features of person-centred nursing will be brought out.

Here, I explained what all the role of reflection is and how does it improve person-centred nursing.


As the name suggests, my focus here will be an analysis of the mental health disorder in Australia. The reasons for the trend observed will be found out. For example, the high risk of mental health disorders can be attributed to an individual’s lifestyle and diet.

With the help of suitable literature, I will draw focus on the seriousness of the issue that we are dealing with and how person-centred nursing fits in all of this.

Current practices

This section right here is where I talk about how person-centred care works with dementia and other mental disorder cases. Also, the effect of person-centred care is understood in the case of mental disorders. For example, the effect of patient centred approach can either be beneficial for the patient as well as the opposite.

Literature review

The literature review is one of the most tedious parts of any assignment. Here you have to read and analyse the various secondary literature for your case in hand.

I studied various books and online journals to look for relevant information for my case. The various literature reveals information from sources like standards by the national health services, the local clinical commissioning groups, etc. that talk about patients and the provisions for their care.


Every case in hand has a tool to analyse the data and then infer the observation from them. There are various tools to assess the provision of patient centred care in the patient, to analyse its effectiveness and reliability. These also help in the analysis of person-centred care provided to patients with mental health disorders, including dementia.


From the data we analyse in the entire report, there are a couple of things that we can always improve upon. Such will be mentioned in the recommendations. For example, the mental health care sectors have to face the wide range of the challenges include lack of proper support due to associated community stigma and improper accessibility to get help, no funding, cultural issues, and insufficient clinical skill also. Such will be the recommendation.

Uh-oh, looks like our time ran out.

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