Nursing care has evolved drastically within the last two decades, with many advances and advancements in nursing practice. The shift in care delivery that put the patient's needs of their care, emphasizing personalized treatment and self-empowerment, was a major advance in nursing care. Patient-centred care was first coined, but it has since developed into what we would now call person-centred care.

The unit, SNGPG964: Person-centred leadership, helps postgraduate students like you to expand their abilities and knowledge to be person-centred leaders. Leadership theory is investigated in the context of healthcare and how person-centred leaders may drive and promote a successful workplace environment. Understanding the traits of strong leadership, finding your leadership capabilities, working with people in person-centred methods, employing a high challenge/high support procedure, and putting person-centred ideas into action are covered in this course.

Throughout your course, you will be required to make multiple assessments on topics related to person-centred leadership in healthcare. In this blog, you will find valuable information shared by our qualified Nursing Assignment help experts to assist you in academics.

elements of person centered care

An Overview of Person-Centred Care in Nursing

We don't think that without understanding the history of any topic, you will be able to have a better grasp of the subject. Don't you wonder how the concept of Person-centred Care came into existence? Keep reading. Our experts have explained it to you.

Carl Rogers, a psychologist and one of the frontiers person of the humanistic method, he used the word "person-centredness" in order to highlight the significance of developing therapeutic connections with his clients. Rogers articulated three key prerequisites for providing person-centred therapy: empathy, therapeutic authenticity, and unconditional positive respect for all clients. Empathy is defined as seeing oneself in the person's shoes and imagining how they would feel in their circumstance. Genuineness is defined by an accurate degree of empathy and unity. Unconditional positive regard is defined as the acceptance of a person's good and bad feelings and experiences.

Making assignments on such topics builds multiple skills in any student. Also, these skills are highly required when you are in a healthcare setting, dealing with critical patients.

Here are a few learning outcomes that you will develop from your course, SNGPG964: Person-centred Leadership:

  1. Critically appraise the principles of person-centred leadership in the healthcare context;
  2. Critically analyze how person-centred leaders support effective culture in the workplace; and
  3. Critically appraise how person-centred leaders enable successful workplace cultures.
  4. Gain skills, knowledge, and awareness of the traits of person-centred leadership;
  5. Recognize and utilize their leadership talents and knowledge of interacting with people in person-centred ways.

What Are the Valuable Principles of Person-Centred Healthcare?

Now that you have understood the evolution of Person-centred care, let us talk about the essential principles involved in this process:

You must value your patient.

Understanding the patient as an individual and recognizing their various features is crucial. Each has its own set of personal values, ideas, limitations, and mindsets. It is vital to apprehend and appreciate these individual characteristics and incorporate them further into the therapy strategy.


The important part of any health care setting is to provide safety to patients. They are responsible for conducting tests and giving medicines to the needy. The patient's family relies on health care professionals and doctors for their safety. The students pursuing this course must go through various books and websites to know various safety methods. You can also reach out to our assignment help through your seniors and instructors.


Person-centred care is based on the dignity of the institution and healthcare professionals. One must maintain the people's faith in the hospital or clinics for better treatment. Working in the healthcare sector is a dignified profession since patients, and their family members believe in them for saving their lives and providing accurate treatment.


There are situations where you are expected to maintain the patient's treatment privacy from others, such as family, friends, and even other doctors around you, based on the situation. Doctors guide them in keeping a space between different patients' needs and wants. They should take care not to share the private matters of patients with others.


Talking, listening, and responding to the patient's needs are some of the crucial duties of person-centred care. They are the primary connection between the doctors and the patients. Your responsibility involves major communication procedures between the patient's improvement and deterioration of health.

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How Is Person-Centred Care Beneficial for Both Nurse and Patient?

The person-centred treatment provides several advantages for both professionals and patients. To begin, here are the advantages for the person getting care:

  • In such a setting, it has been observed that the patients are more motivated to adhere to a procedure that has enabled them to create plans suited to their prerequisites.
  • Such a setting administers individuals under observation in accomplishing their goals and reaching significant landmarks related to their health.
  • In person-centred care, the sentimental, physical, and social needs are also addressed in accumulation to their medical ones.
  • It promotes independence and provides the patient a larger role, which can be an additional motivator.
  • They will feel more at ease and pleased about the service given, resulting in a much better atmosphere for both the client and the professional.
  • The standard of healthcare has been enhanced, which may hasten to healing.

There are also several advantages for individuals who provide care.

A more pleasant and happy environment is generated when the therapy is made according to the patient's distinctive needs.

  • It's a proven fact that when patients' needs are fulfilled, they are more likely to be involved in and persistent with their treatment plan, medicine, and therapy.
  • It can promote an individual's extended interest in their healthcare if they are incorporated in the determination process of healing, which is particularly beneficial if they come home and have tremendous management over their wellness.
  • These benefits result in more price-compelling and less time-consuming solutions as care quality enhances and patients unite more with their customized schemes.

Sample Question Solved by Our Experts

Person Centred Healthcare Sample

What Are Your Thoughts On Person-Centred Healthcare? Here's What Experts Want to Say

The notion of Person-Centred Care has been around for decades, the necessity of putting the sick person at the centre of extensive therapy and care. The patient is concerned about their care at Person-Centred Care. Appreciating and functioning with another person's values and views demands understanding oneself and being a skilled licensed specialist with up-to-date information. Despite the efforts of numerous healthcare experts, it was clear that certain healthcare teams were failing in many key components of PCC, which resulted in the deaths of many patients. Following this media situation, the regulating organizations issued various articles emphasizing person-centredness in order to guarantee that this does not happen again in the future.

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