A nursing case study has always given you sleepless nights. Do you know why? We shall discuss the same in this write-up.

Any case study helps you find out all the intricacies of a subject or topic. Similar is the case with a nursing case study, with the only difference of vastness of the subject. The nursing case studies can be clinical, surgical, medicine, forensic and even include elements of public health. A student can get baffled by the sheer complexity of each of these.

1st tip: The nursing case study is always about the patient. The question can revolve around mental health case study or case study on psychology. But, the students' task is to keep the patient at the centre of it.

2nd tip: Each patient is unique. So, while doing nursing case study assignments, students must also focus on the patient’s and not be limiting your discussion to the condition, which can be a general phenomenon also.

3rd tip: Critical thinking must be undertaken about the treatment on the patient because most case studies,be it a clinical case study or a medical case study, students need to concern themselves with the psychological personality of the patient as well.

4th tip: A customised approach to writing a case-study such as the information provided must be explored along with the condition provided in the assignment. This activity separates your case study from a theoretical nursing essay.

Difference between a case study and essay

Hence, do not get confused even if your case study looks like a normal essay because it is specifically centred around the patient. If still in doubt, consult our experts or even come for a 1-on-1 live session with our nursing case study specialists.

Are You Familiar with the Case Study Format?

Every Nursing assignment follows a specific format. But, the question remains, how does one structure it to include every minute detail. For example, the case studies in abnormal psychology require the student to go deep into every case of the patient and elaborate their regular behaviour including daily mundane activities and how it changes there is a condition. Such critical piece of information has to be very succinct and concise so that it only explains the case of the patients and not any other stuff. Let us have a look at the format with the help of an image.

Nursing case study format

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