NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare Assignment Solution
July 23, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

Psychology is that study of science which focuses on the mental state of a person and examines how it affects human behaviour. A student is required to have an analysis of various approaches and theories to apprehend the real-life solicitation of psychology. It can be complex for students who are already overloaded with work to write a solution to an assignment with the expected quality as the solutions require in-depth research. Nonetheless, My Assignment Services has a team of highly qualified subject matter experts to assist you with Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare assignment solution. 

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Let’s discuss some of the major Psychological Perspectives of Healthcare Concepts to pen down a stellar solution to this psychology assignment!

What are the Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare?

Before we understand the questions above, it is imperative to know what health psychology is. Health psychology is basically related to a lot of factors related to the behaviour of one’s health such as the relationship between the doctor and the patient, the eating habit of the patients, understanding of the patients when it comes to health and illness, etc. 

To be precise, health psychology refers to behavioural medicine or medical psychology. On one hand, behavioural health puts the emphasis on the deterrence of health issues & disorders; on the other hand, behavioural medicine is directed towards the treatment as against the health problem. Health psychology is focused on the psychology of many behaviours related to health, such as exercise, nutrition, decision-making on medical terms, and healthcare consumption. 

Below are the 8 major goals of health psychology:

  • Keeping a track on the behavioural and other related aspects for health and sickness

  • Averting any kind of ailment

  • Scrutinizing all the effects of sickness

  • Offering critical analysis of health strategies

  • Executing the research on prevention and intervention of health issues

  • Improving the communication between the doctor and the patient 

  • Improving obedience towards medical suggestions

  • Looking out for different treatments to cope up with pain

It is a common fact that if one is not psychologically healthy, then this will definitely impact on his/her health. The psychology of a person affects his/her health in every way possible. What is health? Health is basically the outcome of the physical intake in one’s body that is caused by the present as well as foreign reactions. In addition to this, one’s health also happens to be the mirror image of the psychological state of that same person. For example, if we take the stress hormone, cortisol. When a patient’s psychological state is stressed then this particular hormone is released by the body. 

What is Ageism?

What is Ageism

For writing the NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare assignment, you must have a good knowledge of the subject’s concepts and terminologies and Ageism being one of them. So, what is ageism? Well, Ageism is a prejudice, pigeonholing and discrimination on the basis of an individual’s age. It is also to be noted here that ageism is one of the most common and treacherous practices that have vast detrimental effects on the health of the elderly. In this scenario, they are not paid due heed for the jobs, they are marginalised for social service, and much more. Ageism basically sidelines the elderly people from their society. It is also to be mentioned here that the previous studies show, both hypothetical scenarios related to decision-making as well as the record review of the patient, which attest that a major metamorphosis in the age-based investigative process and therapy forms given to patients. All these accounts are coming from different spheres of the medical field namely, oncology, stroke therapy as well as cardiology. 

What age-related changes contribute to increased risk of urinary tract infection (UTI)? What strategies can the nurse use to assess, prevent and manage it?

As we age, the weight of the kidneys decreases slowly and steadily. If the reports are to be believed, for over two-thirds of individuals experience an eventual decline in the pace of the working of their kidneys, which used to function at the age of 30 years or 40 years. Having said that, there are some cases among the aged people where the rate of function doesn’t alter at all. So, what happens is the fact that the ureters don't alter much instead of the urine volume capacity that the bladder can hold declines. 

How can this be prevented? Well, the most effective way is by minimising the urethral catheters usage. The use of catheters should only be done after contemplating on all other alternatives and treatments. To keep the record of any indication in the patient such as tenderness, swelling, pain or any other problem, there must be a proper test of the internal organs namely, genitals, pelvis, stomach and lower back. Other physical tests of the patients must be inclusive of blood pressure, temperature and pulse. On a general level, 7-14 days of antibiotic course should be given to the complicated UTI patients and that can be continued as per the case for over 21 days. In case of increased risk of urinary tract infection, one can also suggest an increased intake of fluids. 

Here’s a NURS1003 Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare assignment sample recently submitted by our:

Psychological Perspectives Of Healthcare assignment sample

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