Asthma is a complex disorder that chronically affects the respiratory system of the body. The idiosyncratic inflammatory response of the body causes the lungs to swell and narrow down, that may lead to symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness or coughing. This chronic lung disease affects around 10-15 per cent of the world's population.

As Asthma can impact one’s quality of life significantly, it becomes one of the important aspects of a pathophysiology assignment answer. It is very common for a nursing student to encounter an assignment on the Asthma Case Study in one’s duration of the course. Sometimes, it may get daunting for one to solve a case study assignment owing to the complexity of the matter. If you are someone who is finding it hard to solve a case study on your own, it is justified to seek professional help where you can also find NURS2003 Benji Smith Asthma Case Study Assessment solutions.

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Benji Smith Case Study

A case study, in general, is a research method that revolves around the developments of an individual, group or circumstances over a period of time. The assignment’s solution for the case study is meticulously crafted according to the facts and circumstances mentioned in the study, that makes it a difficult and nuanced task. We offer Case Study assignment help to release students from the stress of this daunting task. Our experts are proficient at solving case studies and crafting an appropriate and accurate solution for it.

What to include in a Typical Asthma Case Study Assignment

Title: Title describes what your case study is about and includes the important keywords of the solution or methodology followed.

Introduction: Introduction is a short summary of the aim of your research and the methodologies used further in the copy. It should always provide a general idea of the text. Subject or the circumstances that your case study revolves around.

Analysis: An argumentative analysis in the case study is imperative. This helps add credibility to your case study and also makes an impression that you have understood the subject’s circumstances properly and look at it with the required empathy. To further bolster your argumentative analysis, you should always discuss both sides of an argument and draw a comparison.

Conclusion: Conclusion is the part where conclude the discussion of the arguments or leave an open-ended suggestion for the future prospects or use of the study.

Reference list: Always cite the studies and sources that you referred to during your study.

Important concepts to solve this study: Cause of asthma


Though Asthma has existed in medical literature for decades, Scientists have not been successful in identifying the pathways of Asthma. Instead, medical professionals believe that there could be a variety of causes behind the disease such as Genetics, History of Chronic Viral Infections, or early exposure to allergens.

Asthma triggers: It is Important for Nursing or healthcare professionals to be aware of the triggers of Asthma. For the management of the disease, it is of prime importance that healthcare professionals would make their patient aware of possible triggers to the patients to help them manage their condition. Additionally, these triggers would help you evaluate a circumstance or situation in an Asthma Case study.

Respiratory Illness: Illnesses that affect the respiratory system directly can prove to be fatal for people with asthma. It is very common for respiratory disease such as the flu or pneumonia to trigger asthma attacks and further complicate the situation.

Exercises: Increase in movement can suddenly increase the oxygen demands of the body. To compensate for the demands for the oxygen, the respiratory system tries to breathe fast to compensate for the demand in oxygen. Rapid breathing may cause the air channels to relax and contract rapidly that would, in turn, trigger an inflammatory response in the lungs. People with asthma may be prone to an Asthma attack under such circumstances.

Irritants in the air: It has been noted in the literature that people with Asthma may find it difficult to breathe in the presence of pollutants in the air. These pollutants like pollen, dust mites and various chemicals may also disturb the already inflamed walls of the respiratory systems of the air.

Extreme Weather Conditions: Weather conditions like extreme cold, humidity, dryness or heat can further exacerbate difficulty to breathe. In an asthma patient, this may complicate the matter as it can trigger a serious Asthma attack.

Benji Smith Nursing Case Study: Possible Preventions And Treatments Of Asthma

Treatments for Benji Smith’s Asthma may fall into primary categories such as Breathing Techniques, first aid, and long-term management of the disease.

A medical professional determines the scale of symptoms and determines the right path for the patient. Sometimes a professional may advise the patient, a combination of treatments based upon the scale and type of symptoms. Besides,s professional also take age, and personal triggers into account

Breathing Exercise:

It has been observed that repeated practise of these techniques and exercises have proven to increase one’s lung capacity. Increased lung capacity may help reduce the symptoms of asthma and curb the triggers in the long run. Thus this can be ideally followed and practised along with the long term management medications.

Rescue or first aid treatments:

These are the kinds of treatments that may be given to a person during an asthma attack. It is imperative to stabilize a person during such conditions and prevent any further complications.

Some of the common methods are rescue inhalers, nebulizers, that are used with medicines that are inhaled deep into the lungs. Besides, bronchodilators and anti-inflammatories are also an effective mode of first aid during an asthma attack. Bronchodilators relax the tightened muscles of the diaphragm and ease the expansion and relaxation of the muscle. Whereas anti-inflammatories target the inflammation in the lungs that prevents one from breathing.

Long Term Asthma Control:

Long term medications are prescribed by the healthcare practitioners for the long term management of the disease. Some commonly prescribed treatments include the use of steroidal inhalers, nebulizers or daily oral doses of steroids that keep the inflammation in control.

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