An assignment is a potent tool to gauge the writing capabilities of a student. Talking about the nursing assignments, a wide range of them are rolled out to students, however, the NRSG370 Bianca Lane case study is what we are going to discuss in this blog. Case studies are the most challenging form of assessment as they involve multiple processes in one single document. From deciphering a case study to analyzing the given facts and formulating the solutions for it, My Assignment Services has always been there to guide students.Want to know how? Let us take the example of the Bianca Lane Case Study. Read this blog to get to know the basic approach of writing the solutions to the questions in this case.

Basic Guidelines For Writing a Nursing Case Study

Before we go on explaining the basic approach that our nursing assignment help experts use to formulate the solutions a nursing case study, let us show you a few guidelines that would definitely ease this task for you.

  1. Before you begin writing the solution for this Bianca Lane case study, you must have all the relevant materials handy with you. For example, clinical notes, reports of the x-rays and other lab tests can prove to be beneficial and save a lot of time later.
  2. Rather than using flowery and artificial language and information, stick to the given facts and make your case study look professional. Also, avoid speculation about an underlying issue or disease.
  3. As per ournursing experts who help with the NRSG370 assignments, the purpose of a case study is to demonstrate the progress of the patient which must be an honest record of events taken place in a nursing clinical setting.

Interpreting the NRSG370 Bianca Lane Case Study

With these guidelines in mind, it will be easier for you now to understand the procedure of writing high-quality Bianca Lane case study solutions. Let us see how we do it. NRSG370 Assessment task This nursing case study assignment includes information about a patient named Bianca Lana. Before you begin writing the answer, it is important to know the history of the patient (as per the guidelines that we have discussed above). In this case, she has been suffering fromRight Lower Quadrant abdominal pain, lack of appetite, nausea, and fever. With all the reading materials and sources that our experts have used for solving this case study, it is clear thatasthma and depressionhave also been regular medical conditions from which she has been suffering. After finishing reading the case, ourNRS370 nursing case study assignment helpexperts have identified three issues according to the given facts. These are as follows:

  1. Sepsis
  2. Oedematous and gaseous distension of the small and large bowel
  3. Increasing centralised abdominal pain

Bianca Lane Case Study: How Do Our Experts Solve It?

There are certain sections that remain common in all the nursing case study assignments which you will get as your assessments. Ournursing assignment writerswill now talk about each of those sections in detail and try to assist you to understand them with the help of NRSG370 assessment 3 solutions. The following are the sections that you need to include in the solution of your case study:

Title page

The title page consists of the complete title of the case study solution that you write. It should be written with the intent to let the readers know of the problem for which your case study will propose appropriate solutions.


It can either be narrative or structured. For this Bianca Lana case study, our NRSG370 nursing case study assignment help experts have chosen the narrative style. The entire paper has no headings or subheadings and the information flows logically.


There is something interesting in every case study. The introduction section of your case study needs to bring forth and convey that point to the reader. Our experts place the given case study in a social context. We also incorporate the details of similar case studies in the introduction briefly.

Case presentation

This reveals the raw form of data which is further explained with the help of the patient’s history. All the information that has helped us to choose the diagnosis is also mentioned here. In addition to this, results from the clinical examination that the patient has undertaken will also fall under care presentation.

Management and outcome

The nursing care plan that we intend to use to solve the problem in the case study comes here. Only when we have a fixed care plan with us, we will be able to choose the prescribed treatment for that. There are several other sections as well that need to be incorporated. Those include the discussion, acknowledgment, references legends, details of tables, figures, etc, used along with permissions. However, these differ from case to case. If you are unclear with what all to include in thisBianca Lana case study assignment answer or any other case study, then you can simply turn to our nursing assignment help experts for further guidance.

What Nursing Problems Are Identified In the Bianca Lana Case Study?

The trickiest step in this case study is the identification of the nursing problems based on the clinical scenario and condition. The reason behind this is that students are required to provide a solid rationale that supports these problems. Naturally, it requires critical thinking skills to find appropriate literature that can back up the rationale. Let us look at the problems identified by our nursing assignment help experts: Introduction

Problem 1: Potential Risk Of Infection

The main reason for this is the ruptured appendix. It is normal that when the appendix ruptures as it leads to infection in several other parts such as peritonitis.

Problem 2: Acute Pain

While the patient suffers from acute pain, the sensory nerves could also be disturbed. So, the role of the RN (registered nurse) here is to monitor pain and provide proper nursing care that can foster speedy recovery.

Problem 3: Deficient fluid volume

This normally happens when the patient vomits before the treatment. So, keeping the patient hydrated at all times is the KRA of an RN here. This is just a brief discussion of the problems identified in the Bianca Lana case study. If you require us to help you with the entire case study assignment, then just send us the requirements and we will get back to you soon with expert guidance.

Want The Complete Bianca Lana Case Study Assessment Answer? Give Us a Call Right Away!

Having a team of learned nursing experts who can provide you help with the NRSG370 case study assignments, we know all the perils that you might have faced whenever you were asked to write the solution of the nursing case study tasks. Worry not, as  My Assignment Services is here to mentor and guide you toward writing flawless solutions for Bianca Lana case study assessments. So, place an order with us today and get your hands on solved nursing case studies and a lot of exciting value-added services. Contact us right away!

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