While many students believe that both dissertations and theses are the same, ourdissertation writingexperts say that there exists a huge difference between these two. You will find many common sections such as an introduction, literature review, finding and results, discussion, and conclusion. But where are the differences? This is whatMy Assignment Serviceswill help you know in this blog. Having provided high-qualitydissertation writing servicesto students for more than a decade now, we are now ready to clarify this never-ending confusion for you as well.

Here are 8 Differences Between a Thesis And a Dissertation

Generally, it is believed that a thesis and dissertation are interchangeable terms, however, this is not always true. While a thesis is an academic document that a student has to submit to support his/her candidature for a degree that they want to pursue a Master’s degree, a dissertation, on the other hand, is submitted mainly for doctoral degrees. But that doesn’t mean the thesis has less importance. This dissertation v/s thesis tussle has always managed to attract the attention of students.

The following are 8 differences between a thesis and a dissertation that ourthesis writing helpexperts believe you should know.

1. Purpose

While a thesis is a document that is a collation of the research conducted by a student, a dissertation is an effort made by the student to contribute something new to the educational world. So, when you write a thesis at the end of your master’s program, you demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained throughout your program.

According to ourdissertation writing helpexperts, a dissertation is an extension of a thesis and has a larger purpose. In a dissertation, students are required to contribute new principles and theories to the specific fields that they are studying.

2. Structure

Talking about the thesis, it is somewhat like a research paper that you might have come across in your undergrad. In a thesis, you research choosing an appropriate topic for your thesis. After this, you analyse the complete findings of your research and try and relate it with the subject-matter. Hence, you have to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities and give an in-depth analysis of the topic. Now, if we talk about a dissertation, students utilise someone else’s research in the form of a guide. With this, they come up with their personal and authentic hypothesis.

3. Length

A masters’ thesis is shorter than a dissertation. The main reason why dissertations are much longer is that they consist of an enormous amount of background and information after researching, together with every minute detail of the proposal and all the reasons which helped you conclude.

4. Source of information

What draws students to the experts of ourthesis writing serviceis finding reliable and credible sources of information to extract data for their thesis assignment tasks. In the case of a dissertation, you have to conduct the research all by yourself, while when it comes to writing a thesis, you need to be sure of the fact that the source which you have chosen to draw information is authentic and credible.

5. Area of focus

A major way to distinguish between a dissertation and a thesis is to see the area of focus in them. For instance, ourthesis helpexperts while drafting reference theses for students emphasise more on the primary arguments to substantiate their viewpoints. On the contrary, ourdissertation helpexperts focus more on the background work rather than the primary argument.

6. Data collected

The data collected in both these documents vary. In the case of a dissertation, students are required to conduct authentic research and then put forth their own theories and set of arguments. However, a thesis is centred around a hypothetical analysis of the information.

If you’re still not clear witha dissertation and thesis, then you can always consult the experts of our dissertation writing service. We will do all our bit to clarify this for you so that you can draft your theses and dissertations.

Before we go on explaining the steps of writing a thesis and a dissertation, have a look at the following infographic.

Dissertations and Theses

Useful Steps for Writing a Perfect Thesis

Ourthesis writing experts use the following steps while drafting the reference theses for students.

  1. Choose that area for researching that suits your interest the best
  2. Rather than taking those ideas that have been recurrently used, go for those that are unique in your field.
  3. Be ready with a set of well-defined questions that allow the readers to suggest their viewpoints. For this, you can make use of open-ended questions.
  4. Educational projects have a lot of scope for including marketable skills in them, so choose these.
  5. Visualise the completed draft of your thesis, as it will motivate you significantly.

3 Tips that Will Help in Drafting a Flawless Dissertation

Let us now talk about the steps that ourdissertation helpexperts take for drafting a dissertation that has enabled students to secure good grades in their doctoral assignments.

1. Concentrate on writing a catchy dissertation proposal

The purpose of a dissertation proposal is to persuade your professor/dean about the topic of your dissertation. Make sure you include the following in the dissertation proposal:

  1. a) Title
  2. b) Objectives
  3. c) Writings
  4. d) Research
  5. e) Method
  6. f) Possible outcomes
  7. g) Time-frame
  8. h) Reference list

2. Conduct a comprehensive research

This stage is where most of your dissertation develops. As per ourdissertation writing helpexperts, students must include relevant and credible sources of information in the dissertations. Only then, they will be able to make it methodological and effective.

To carry out this step, you need to:

  1. a) Manage time effectively
  2. b) Find relevant and credible sources
  3. c) Organise information

3. Focus on the Details

You need to have an outline to introduce the topic well such that you’re able to perform the literature review as per the assignment’s requirements. Before coming to the bibliography, you write a concrete conclusion that gives perfect closure to our dissertation. We are sure, by now the never-ending tussle between a dissertation and a thesis might have finally ended for you. In case it still hasn’t, then you can seek help from ourdissertation writing services.

Have Pending Dissertations Or Theses? Hand Over them to Our Experts!

Both dissertations and theses are crucial for students and contribute immensely in helping them reach the next level. In this short blog, we could involve just the basics to help you realise their vastness. If you wish to explore them more and be better at drafting them yourselves, then what you need to do is simply submit your queries to our assignment help providers.

My Assignment Serviceshas been mentoring the journeys of several students for more than 10 years now. In bringing the best out of the students, we have never compromised on the quality of our work; rather we offer a wide range of benefits that ease the task further. To know more about our academic services, give us a call right away!

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