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August 12, 2019
Author : Rick Frederick

Have you ever been asked to write assignment for NICLEGL1001: IRAC task? If yes, you might be well-known with the difficulties faced while writing this assignment. However, in order to provide complete and accurate academic assistance, My Assignment Services is now active day and night.

At My Assignment Services, the students who are enrolled in law courses will get instant assignment help. The law assignment experts have described few basic details for NICLEGL1001 - IRAC TASK - LAW ASSIGNMENT.

NICLEGL1001 IRAC task assignment is one among the core courses. Students enrolled to business and commerce (Diploma) courses from The University of New Castle, Australia must have to study the following eight courses depending on their intended degree. They are -

Core Courses


  • NICMNGT1001 Introduction to Management
  • NICACFI1001 Accounting for Decision Makers
  • NICSTAT1060 Business Decision Making
  • NICMKTG1001 Foundations of Marketing
  • NICECON1001 Microeconomics for Business Decisions
  • NICACFI1003 Introduction to Finance
  • NICLEGL1001 Foundations of Law
  • NICECON1002 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy


  • NICMNGT1001 Introduction to Management
  • NICACFI1001 Accounting for Decision Makers
  • NICACFI1003 Introduction to Finance
  • NICECON1001 Microeconomics for Business Decisions
  • NICSTAT1060 Business Decision Making
  • NICLEGL1001 Foundations of Law
  • NICECON1002 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy
  • NICACFI1002 Accounting Practice

The NICLEGL1001 - IRAC Task - Law Assignment is based on the discussion of the following:


  • Find out whether there was an agreement between both Joe and InvestorPlus.
  • Also, discuss what can InvestorPlus successfully revoke the offer.


Here are the few rules for NICLEGL1001 - IRAC

We all know that a contract is a legally enforceable spoken or written agreement between 2 or more people concerned with employment, tendency or sales.

Following are the elements for a contract:

  1. Agreement is equivalent to offer and acceptance.
  2. Intention to create legal relations.
  3. Consideration (payment).

The above-mentioned focused mainly on the agreement.

  • Agreement

  1. Offer is to enter into a contract immediately.

  • As per the English Contract law decision (Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company 1892), the court takes help of a reasonable person test to identify whether the offer has been made or not.
  • The Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company contract law decision says that the offer is different from an invitational to treat that is an advertisement.
  • An offer can be presented to an individual or a group of individuals.
  • An offer must be clearly and effectively communicated.

  1. Acceptance is a final ascent for the offer.

So, these were the highlights for your NICLEGL1001 - IRAC TASK - LAW ASSIGNMENT. You are required to follow all keep these points in mind while writing such assignment. Now, the experts offering law assignment help in Australia have mentioned few important guidelines to write a law assignment for the university.

Guidelines To Write A Law Assignment

Writing assignments come with a lot of challenges and difficulties due to which many students fail to complete their assignment on time. And look for external help such as law assignment help, law assignment experts, etc who can assist them in understanding their assignment and get the task done within the given time frame.

However, students can also follow these guidelines to write their assignment.

Adherence to the university’s guidelines

While writing law assignments, you are required to follow the guidelines of the university. It will help you in scoring the highest grades in NICLEGL1001 - IRAC TASK - LAW ASSIGNMENT. You can also adhere to the marking rubric pattern for designing your assignment.

In-Depth Research

To prepare a well-researched assignment, you are required to conduct extensive research by using different resources. For example - the library, online educational websites, journals, and articles, etc. In case, you lack academic skills feel free to avail our expert consultation or live sessions services.

Complete knowledge of law standards

Every country has its own law and standards. Thus, it becomes necessary for a student to have knowledge about the country-specific law standards if not can face lots of issues while writing an assignment. In such a case, My Assignment Services experts are available round the clock to help you.

For more details about NICLEGL1001 - IRAC TASK - LAW ASSIGNMENT or its solution, feel free to contact us. We guarantee to provide top-rated law assignment help at a reasonable price. So, whenever you are in doubt related to your academic concerns, we are ready 24 hours to help you.



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