Law students know that there is an alarming increase in case studies that are grounded upon a lot of technical procedures and legal legislatures. Based on the case studies, students are expected to write reports that exhibit their command over all the vital legal concepts.

My Assignment Servicesis a solid resource for students where several of them have understood the essence of a variety of law case study tasks. With the help of our comprehensive reference assignment solutions, ourlaw assignment helpexperts throw some light on the major concepts that constitute these case study reports.

In this blog, we will be understanding a unique approach toNancy And Her 17 Years Old Daughter Evelyn Case Studyand then try to decipher the elements of the report.

Background of the Case Study: Nancy And Her 17-Year-Old Daughter Evelyn

For everylaw case study report writing assignment, the primary step is to be equipped with all the information that the case study wanted to convey. Only when we know the situation taking place in the case, we will be able to formulate a report out of it.

So, let us look at the Case Study Assignment - Nancy And Her 17 Years Old Daughter Evelyn below:

nancy and hr 17 years old daughter law case study

After knowing all the details about Nancy and her daughter, ourlaw assignment writersmake notes of various legislative processes that they can use in the case.

Based on the case study, some issues need to be addressed in the answer. First, let us discuss the issues.

Following are the issues:

Issue 1: Whether the case at hand is a case of contributory negligence?

For the first issue, we were sure that the task presented is surely a case of contributory negligence. Stating this, ourlaw assignment helpexperts related it with the Australian laws. Here, we explained the “lack of care”. After establishing these law processes, we then go on applying them in the givenNancy And Her 17 Years Old Daughter Evelyn Case Study.

While applying a lack of care in the case, our experts briefly describe the information that has been given in the case about Nancy and her daughter. Soon we find that this is a case of sheer contributory negligence. Now, five questions were addressed in this section, which are:

  1. Duty of care established or not?
  2. Scope of study
  3. Has there been any negligence on the part of the defendant in performing his duty or not?
  4. If there has been any negligence, then has this contributed to the injuries of the plaintiff?
  5. In reality, there has been any role of plaintiff in contributory negligence?

Talking about the second issue,

Issue 2: Whether the parties have breached their duty of care?

Now, the focus shifts to the stretcher officers and based on the established information, it is also clear that even they have breached their duty of care towards Nancy because if they were knowing about floods, they might have brought proper stretcher for the situation.

Describing and elaborating upon these two issues, ourlaw assignment helpexperts conclude that there has been a breach of contract by both the parties. Using the cues given in this section, you can now begin drafting the report as per the guidelines given by your university. If you get stuck with any of the sections in the report, then you can always rely upon our experts to guide you with it.

5 Effective Steps To Decipher this Law Case Study

While drafting the solutions for thisNancy And Her 17 Years Old Daughter Evelyn Case Study, our academicians make sure to stick to certain fixed steps. These help us to gain a comprehensive insight into the case study and device out effective solutions for the same. Following are the steps that you must follow to decipher any law case study:

  1. First, you need to focus on problem-solving. In this step, you need to evaluate several strategies to solve the problem that has been addressed in the case. For this, you need to be aware of the problem, the circumstances that have fostered the problem.
  2. In addition to these, ourlaw assignment helpexperts you also need to consider various aspects of legal, institutional and interpersonal framework where the problem exists.
  3. All the macro and micro-level of social identity affecting the situation of the client also have to be looked at.
  4. Using these, we then develop the plan of action wherein there will be a systematic and creative identification of all the possible solutions. Also, the comparative efficacy has to be evaluated and then the plan has to be settled.
  5. The last and the final step is to implement the developed plan of action to reach the most accurate and comprehensive solutions for theNancy And Her 17 Years Old Daughter Evelyn Case Study.

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