Every student dreads a research paper assignment. It is not necessarily because of the amount of time and effort that one must invest in completing research. But the lack of creativity in writing it. The same old structure. The same old paragraphs and the same old topic can get monotonous if you do not come up with something new.

Moreover, a report usually involves extensive reading and in-depth analysis of sources. Also, summarisation of research findings into a coherent document with an introduction, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography. All such sections require maximum effort. Compliance with the marking rubric is yet another challenge.

Did you know that the human genome consists of thirty to forty thousand genes?

But, writing Molecular Genetics and Metabolism reports is a challenge for even the most dextrous fail at technique. Also, it requires independent research and sound knowledge of the topic, so ensure you research properly. Read forth to know how to write such a report and explore further topics like the Journal of Molecular Genetics Impact Factor.

molecular biology

What is the Journal of Molecular Biology?

The molecular biology journal is a peer-reviewed repository of molecular biology. It focuses on computational biology. Areas like genomics, bioinformatics, immunology, molecular evolution, and molecular development biology are part of this journal. Researchers can access this journal to get the latest information from the field. They can also submit their research paper or reports.

Furthermore, a molecular and metabolic report is an investigation repository that biochemists use as molecular biology tools for studying normal and unfit states. It is an open-access journal. Besides, this journal also publishes original articles, sequence reports, brief communication reports and letters to the editors.

Reviews, as well as experimental and theoretical works, are published in the Molecular Biology Journal. Special issues of the journal showcase the most noteworthy scientists in the field of physical-chemical biology. Researchers can submit their research papers, thesis dissertations and more such content to add to the body of knowledge. There are several types of papers in the repository like full-length reports, brief reports or mini-reviews.

The National Institutes for Health spent over ten billion dollars in 2020 for genetic research funding. - Statista

Nursing is an intricate field. It requires in-depth knowledge of the field and expertise in research and procedures. You will face several challenges when composing a Molecular Genetics and Metabolism report due to research limitations and lack of technical lexical knowledge. If you face such issues, you may fill out the enrolment form to get nursing assignment help from experts in the field. Enrol today to get free assessment answers composed by our experts.

What are the guidelines for submitting to this journal?

Authors whose work involves human subjects should ensure that all experiments involving humans adhere to The “Declaration of Helsinki” or “Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association”. Ensure that you abide by these compliance factors when conducting your research to increase the IF of the Journal of Molecular Genetics.

A representative individual from the population must mention their health status in the manuscript. Researchers must abide by these instructions for experimenting, even for the publication and reporting of a scholarly paper in Medical Journals. The individual or the test subject’s information must be accurate to specify if the details - age, gender, or more - influence the results.

Moreover, your Molecular Genetics and Metabolism report must abide by the “Animal Research: Reporting of in Vivo Experiments” or “ARRIVE” guidelines, and experiments conducted on an animal subject must follow the “U.K. Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986” and other protocols. Also, the “EU Directive 2010/63/EU for animal experiments”, or “the National Research Council's Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”. When you write such a report, clearly mention in the manuscript that your research abides by the guidelines.

Do you think your DNA is unique? Think again because, as per the “National Human Genome Research Institute”, every human shares 99% of similar genes.

It is important to specify the gender of animals used in the study, as well as where necessary. Similarly, the influence of these factors on the experiment results. Further, submission ensures that the scholarly report is original, that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and that all the authors have provided their consent for publication.

human DNA

What is the Journal of Molecular Genetics Impact Factor?

When a new book is in the market or any book you wish to read, you will search the reviews; often, the score a book gets on good reads is the mark of the book’s quality. Similarly, the impact factor (IF) estimates the frequency of the number of times people cite the article from the journal within a year or over the years. It is useful to track the validity or rank of a journal by measuring the number of times it is used or cited.

Initially, this factor was developed by the founder of the “Institute for Scientific Information” (ISI), Eugene Garfield from Philadelphia. Impact Factor has been used since 1975 for every journal in the “Journal Citation Reports” (JCR). Later, in 1992 Thomson Scientific & Healthcare acquired ISI and is now Thomson ISI.

Fun Fact: The human race has known the DNA since 1869, thanks to the Swiss physician, Friedrich Miescher.

Further, from Thomson-Reuters, ISI is now under Onex Corporation and Baring Private Equity Asia. A freshly-established corporation called “Clarivate” now publishes the JCR or “Japan Credit Rating Agency”. The IF of the Journal of Molecular Biology is over five, per the latest data in 2022, and it is a good citation score per se.


In conclusion, the IF for the Journal of Molecular Genetics increases as the report or peer-review is in use/referenced from the journal. There are several Molecular Genetics, and Metabolism reports in the Journal of molecular genetics. It is an important entity in molecular genetics.

Also, when conducting any experiment or developing a report for a molecular genetics journal, ensure you follow the guidelines. The reports are submitted to the repository only after a close consideration from the experts, so it has to be authentic and reliable.

Lastly, writing a report is challenging in the first place. But, writing reports on molecular genetics is a whole league. You will face issues with abiding by the format, guidelines and writing in a way that fits your report into the elite category. Fill out the enrolment form to get assignment help in Australia from expert academic writers.

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