If you are a student at Southern Cross University, Australia, and studying Strategic Asset Management courses, you will be asked to deal with various types of assignments. An annotated bibliography will certainly be one of them. Such an assignment is a part of MNG92100 strategic asset management where sometimes, many students do not know how annotated bibliography is different from a regular bibliography. The trick to preparing an annotated bibliography is spread throughout this blog and there are a lot of examples that will show you how to nail it down!

Difference between Bibliography and Annotated Bibliography


The term “bibliography” can be explained as a list of sources like journals, books, periodicals, websites, etc., that have been used to research a topic. Sometimes, it is also termed as "references" or "works cited".





The word “Annotation” means an evaluation or a summary. Therefore, an annotated bibliography showcases the evaluation or summary of each source. The annotation may vary as per your assignment or project. Your annotation can include one or more of the following; assess, summarise, and reflect.

Example -

Now, coming back to MNG92100 Strategic Asset Management - Assignment 1 (Annotated Bibliography), you will have to undergo several academic tasks and activities. One of them is given below:


Following Areas to Be Focused To Write Above Assignment

In order to solve the above task, you are required to follow the instructions below:

  • You must not wait for the deadline, start writing the assignment early
  • Visit a college or other libraries to find best and relevant journals
  • You are required to read deeply
  • Adhere to academic literature from 2010 to 2018 but focus on seminal articles
  • Find peer-reviewed journals and articles
  • Include imagination by using different tables, diagrams, charts and images
  • Note that the tables, references, appendices and charts are excluded from the word count
  • You must also check the marking rubric of your assignment to check that you have met all the requirement

Knowledge Required To Solve MNG92100 Strategic Asset Management

If you are a student or a writer and going to write assignment for MNG92100 Strategic Asset Management unit then you must have the knowledge of following;

  • What is a strategic management
  • How strategic management is developing and how EIAM strategy can be implemented
  • What is quality management in EIAM organisations
  • Analyse the Asset Management Frameworks critically
  • Ways to integrate the asset management frameworks
  • EIAM capability delivery
  • EIAM Organisational Aspects

How to Structure Your Assignment?

Many students get confused or unable to adhere to the proper structure for their assignments. Such students can follow the below-given format for MNG92100 Strategic Asset Management (Annotated Bibliography) assignment.


  • Include an introduction that must be appropriate to the titled body where annotations reside, a reference and conclusion section.
  • Now, write the body of the report. It must be structured with a purpose to interact with the reader in the best possible communication. You can refer to a few journals to see how to use headings and sub-headings in your content.
  • While developing Annotated Bibliography, you may use various headings and sub-headings and focus to tighten the paper.


The SCU University requires a cover sheet along with the solution file. Your cover sheet must include the following details:

  • Title page: It is a page written by every writer and should be written professionally.
  • Cover sheet contains a Title for example - “Annotated Bibliography on Asset Management Strategy”
  • Include the author name, file name and version number of the report
  • Also, write the date on which you have completed the report


  • The header must have your name and student number whereas the footer must contain a unit number which is MNG92100 and the page number.

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