MIS784 - Marketing Analytics Assessment Answer
February 01, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Deakin Business School in Australia is one of the most preferred and popular universities among domestic as well as international students. It is known to deliver world-class research, experienced and dedicated academic supervisors. Here, you can find world-class undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in several domains. Students enrolled in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics deal with an assignment under the unit, MIS784: Marketing Analytics.

This assessment activity asks you to explore the given set of data, understand and interpret, make conclusions, and convey your conclusion in the form of a report. In this assessment, you will find two parts: Analysis and Report, which you must complete and submit them to CloudDeakin.

A case study is given to you in order to solve the MIS784: Marketing Analytics assessment. So before answering the questions, let us have a look at Luxury Watch Market Case Study.

Different attributes of Rolex, Oris, and Patel-Philippe

Identify the product profit for Oris that is likely to give the greatest profit

Have you read the Luxury Watch Market case study given above? You are now required to answer the following questions.

How watch attributes are important in determining consumer preferences

To answer these questions, you must have the following knowledge and skills:


  • To apply analytics models in a variety of marketing activities
  • Evaluating and interpreting the result of consumer analytics models to enhance the process of decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Validate complete understanding of Customer analytics models


  • Knowledge to use computer software in an effective and efficient way to examine customer’s data and know the limitations and strengths of the software
  • Digital literacy where you must have the knowledge to find, use, and distribute data and information by using technologies
  • Discipline-specific capabilities and knowledge

An Overview for MIS784: Marketing Analytics Tasks

Task 1 (Analysis)

If you are going to prepare an analysis report on your own, then you must know that your MIS784 marketing analysis should be prepared in an MS-Excel sheet. Once you finish your analysis, ensure that the conducted analysis is organised logically and remove the unnecessary or incorrect output.

Note: All the calculated numbers have to be included in appropriate Excel functions.

Task 2 (Report Writing)

Writing a report is an individual task. Your report should be drafted from a business perspective point of view rather than being technical. To write a report, you must assume that the management of the company does not have much familiarity with technical terminologies and spreadsheets.

As per our marketing assignment writing experts, you can include these sections in your report:

Brief Introduction

It is understood that the introduction of a report can vary depending on the sort of paper you are going to write and the guidelines given by the university. However, MIS784: Marketing Analytics report will include all the related and appropriate contextual background information and include the aim behind writing this report.

Introduction Sample:

Introduction Sample for Luxury Watch Market Case Study


In a report, it is important to discuss the methods used by the writer for research. This section includes what types of research you have done and how you have conducted it. As per our marketing analytics experts, you must be focused on following while writing your methodology.

  • What research type you included
  • What you have done to find the data
  • The process followed to analyse the collected data
  • Materials and tools used in the research

Your methodology section for the MIS786 assignment will include sub-topics such as conjoint analysis, regression with categorical variables, utilities, calculation of market share by use of purchase probabilities, etc.


As per the above case study, it can be said that it pulls attention to various sorts of attributes to find customer’s preferences. Thus, it shows the estimation performed for each respondent that helps in evaluating the importance as well as utility gained. Moreover, you can include sub-headings such as Oris product profile, recommendations, and more.


Here, you must include the essential information that may not be too important for defining your findings but validates conclusions and supports analysis.

Here are the few suggestions for your MIS784: Marketing Analysis appendices:

  • Must include a Title
  • You can add up to four items in your appendix i.e. 1 table, 1 diagram, and 2 charts.
  • Each figure and table should be numbered correctly. For example; Table 1, Table 2, Fig. 1, and so on).
  • Cite them in the report.

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