Have you ever wondered with amazement how some people are able to retain a large portion of memory than others? Mind map is visual arrangement of information as a diagram. But it is not as easy as it sounds. That is why My Assignment Services is teaching you what mind map is and how to prepare your mind map assignments.

Today, I am going to tell you everything that you should know about a mind map so that you can solve your mind mapping assignments.

What does Wikipedia say about the mind map?

I know about you all. The first thing that you do when you search for a topic, you resort to Wikipedia. So, I decided to save you some time and energy by telling you what is written on Wikipedia about the mind map.

They say that a mind map is made to visually organise information, is hierarchical and shows the relationship among all the pieces. Generally, we make a mind map where we place one concept at the centre of the blank page. Then, we build the map with images, words, parts of words, etc. are added. Then, we connect the major ideas directly to the central concept and the secondary ideas then branch out from the major ideas.

What actually is a mind mapping assignment used for?

A mind map is a way we can use to brainstorm the thoughts in an organic manner. Using this technique, we do not have to worry about the order and structure of the map. Moreover, it allows the creator to visually structure their ideas and help within their analysis.

We can use mind mapping assignments as a part of the simplified content management system. How? Because the mind map allows us to save all the information in a centralised location and keeps us organised. It is an effective way of getting the information inside the brain and outside the brain. Once proficient, you can even use this technique to create mental notes. Just like Sherlock Holmes, you too can have a mind palace of your own.

All mind maps have some things in common that allow you to write mind mapping assignments easily.

  1. They have a natural organisational structure.
  2. This structure radiates from the centre.
  3. The mind map used lines, symbols, words, colours and images.

A mind map turns a long piece of text into easy to remember a diagram that is highly organised.

Characteristics of mind mapping

The mind mapping assignmentsand the characteristics of mind mapping are best buds from the past. So, knowing one is going to help you crack the other one.

So, mind mapping have 5 really important characteristics that you should incorporate in your assignments -

  1. The central image is fixed which is the main idea of subject or focus.
  2. The primary theme of the map is mentioned as branches from the central idea.
  3. The branches are a primary image or word that is made on the corresponding line.
  4. The topics that are of lesser importance or do not form the main idea of the key concept, they are then twigs of the branches.
  5. The branches form a connected nodal structure.

So, how do you make a mind mapping assignment?

The steps to make a mind map are given below -

Step 1 - Creating A Central Idea

As mentioned above repeatedly, the central idea is the most important part of the mind map. The central idea is the point from where you start writing the mind mapping assignment.

It should be at the centre of the page. Generally, we include an image as well with the central idea that is relevant to the topic of the mind map. The use of image gives an advantage as it draws attention and it is a known fact that the human brain responds well to visual stimuli.

Take time to craft the central idea, do not haste. You can either use a hand-drawn central idea or use a computer generated one. Just make sure that the central idea is strengthening the relevance of the mind map and what you are writing.

Step 2 - Add Branches To The Central Idea

Once the central idea is frozen, you can get on the creative train. The next stop is adding branches to the central idea. Where will these branches be drawn? They will emerge or flow from the central idea. These are the key themes of the mind map. Don’t worry, you can always add smaller branches and explore the branch deeper.

Since there is no limitation to the number of branches that you should make from a key concept, the students end up making 15-20 branches. This eventually messes up the mind map. A mind mapping assignment helpprovider believes that you should restrict yourself to as less number of branches. The generally accepted norm is 7-8 branches.

Step 3 - Adding the Keywords

There are two ways to write anything on a map. You can either write the entire sentences and use up the limited space you have. Or, the wiser decision is to use single words that convey the entire meaning of the key idea. Ask any mind mapping assignment helpprovider, the golden rule is to use one word per branch.

Why do we keep this to one word? So that we do not drift off the track and end up sticking to one parameter in our mind map. For example, if you write “Birthday Party”, you will only about the party aspect of the birthday. But if you simply write “Birthday”, you may end up writing whatever that comes to mind with birthdays and you will be able to take an exploration at a greater depth.

Also, using one word helps you to kick out big chunks of information. Instead of remembering “medicine to cure a common cold”, you will simply remember it as “cold medicine”.

Step 4 - Using the Colour Code for the Branches

Mind mapping assignmentpromotes whole brain thinking as it makes you use cortical skills from logical, numerical and creative domains.

Hence, when all these skills overlap with each other, the brain becomes more synergistic and improves the optimum working level of the brain. What we generally do is separate all these cortical skills from each other which does not allow our brain to function at the full.

That is why we use colour codes in the mind maps. Colour coding links the visual with the logical and helps your brain to create mental shortcuts. The code allows you to categorise, highlight, analyse information and identify more connections which would not have previously been discovered. Colours also make images more appealing and engaging compared to plain, monochromatic images.

Step 5 - Include Images

Images can convey more information than words can. Sometimes you can tell an entire essay with one single picture. This is because the brain immediately processes the images. These images act as a visual hard drive and store the information. Moreover, images are a universal language. Hence, to make a mind mapping assignment, you should use as many images as possible.

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