Are you a student enrolled in a marketing course where you have to analyse the marketing environment and strategy of a company? Are you looking for answers on how to write the assignment? Do you want to know how to go on about writing a sustainable management and marketing assignment? Then read on to get excerpts of a solved answer!

For ease of understanding, I will discuss the solution I prepared for a student conducting a study of the marketing environment and strategy of “Intrepid Travel”.

The assignment will be a report like.

Why does it have to be a report? Because the assignment requirements say so.

There are a lot of things that you need to take care of and address in this assignment and seeing the requirements, it is quite obvious that you will write this assignment’s solution as a report.

Here are some pointers that will be present in the report.

  1. You will discuss the marketing background of the company. Be it any group or any company you are choosing, the report will include a marketing background of the company.
  2. Talk about factors like where does the company positions itself, the environment, society, the resources, etc. while writing the assignment.
  3. Analyse and describe the strategies for the main product, for the services offered, for the suppliers and for the customers.
  4. Reflect on the relevant theories for the 4Ps, the strategies applied for them and the sustainability practices that implemented by the company.
  5. You also have to compare the marketing mix that is followed by your chosen company with that of the competitors.

1.Marketing background of the company

Talk about what the company is about, who is the audience and what needs does the company cater to.

Throw in a few lines about the company from their about section in the website. For example, the organisation I was working with on the assignment was Intrepid Travel. These guys operate a sustainable business that focuses on human rights initiatives and building their packages around them.

This will go on for about 170 words.

2.Comparison between product and sustainability

This section is quite a large one. Because now you have entered the territory of the actual report. For almost 300 words, you need the help of secondary literature here and present your arguments as you understand the question in hand.

Talk about how a product like tourism package is related to sustainability. Discuss the need for sustainability. A quick hack, you can discuss that the more focus on quality and safety has led to more focus on sustainability.

For example, in my assignment, I found that Intrepid travel is concerned with the sustainability of their services as their regular activities are scrutinised by their stakeholders, target-audience, consumers, investors and they are judged for their promise to the future in the context of the impact of their business on community, society and environment.

3.Approach to business

Now, this part is the one upon which your report is hanging. If you make errors here, then your report is going down the drain without any doubt.

The largest section of the report, you need to work with a business model. Generally, such assignments are based on a PSS business model approach. In this model, you target sustainability from a three-dimensional attack. Oh, I forgot, PSS means Product Price System.

Once that is done, tell why did you choose a PSS approach for your report. Tell the reader what were the benefits of this model that made you believe “Yes, that is the one I am going forward with.”

Now, since it is a model, there will be elements. These elements will then be compared with the organisation you have chosen. Using the PSS model, focus on the various goals and aims for the welfare of the environment since you are talking about sustainability.

The goals can be -

  1. Carbon management
  2. Inequality of Sexes
  3. Communal equality
  4. Contribution to climate change
  5. Diversity goal

Once you have addressed all these points and are proud of yourself for thinking like a pro, you need to identify what challenge is there with respect to these sustainability goals. It can be dues to any reason and that is exactly what you have to identify.

Uh-oh, our time ran out. What shall we do now?

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