The unit CHCLEG003 incorporates the skills and learnings necessary for researching data about the compliance of the policies of an organisation, ethical, legal practices and responsibilities. You will learn about and develop policies and procedures to monitor and meet the compliance requirements in an organisation.

The key learnings of this unit are useful for individuals' managerial roles and responsibility for monitoring ethical and legal compliance in a medium to a huge company. The tasks in this unit may or may not require group projects, but that is upto the professor. The curriculum for this unit is curated in accordance with State/Territory and Commonwealth legislation and practice codes of various industries in Australia/New Zealand.

The definition of legal compliance refers to work/trade practices abiding by the legislative protocols of an organisation. Ethical responsibility is a personal choice to abide by the ethical policies of the organisation. This is the main difference between both forms of compliance.

Read forth to get more insight on this unit and get CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance examples for reference.

6 tips to ensure workplace complaince

Why Is It Important To Protect Client Information Through Implementing Organisational Practices And Policies?

It is one of the important questions for writing CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance assessment answers.

The five ethical standards are: Autonomy,
Fidelity, Justice, Do Good, and Prevent Danger.

As per the World Economic Forum reports, data is among the most expensive entities in the World; it even surpassed natural oil. The Data economy has given rise to a new form of profit that businesses earn from data sharing and data privacy. Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook are among the leading businesses that are built on data sharing and keeping.

Businesses earn users' consent through the promise of transparency in their conduct. They abide by the pre-established privacy policies and built their business on customers' trust and the company's accountability. Several companies have learned the importance of privacy after public defamation and accountability for their actions.

The three main factors on which the privacy policy is based are:

Consumer Trust

Establishing user trust is the main feature of any service; the rise and decline in the number of users depend on the trust that consumers develop in the services. It is often that various businesses work on their quality rather than marketing their goods as the best in class or unbeatable, as the quality speaks for itself. Hence, businesses like Coca-Cola and Apple are inelastic, and Facebook and Twitter are experiencing a daily user rate decline (as per the report published by Harvard Business Review).

Government Action

The legal action of a privacy breach is mentioned in almost every business contract, and the same is the case with the contract that every business is bound with; they must keep the user data private. The state legislation is responsible for handling the legal actions for any data breaches. According to Privacy Act Australia, the fine for a privacy breach is 2.1 million AUD or 10% of the annual profit earned by the business owner by using the user's data without consent.

Market Competition

Market competition is the leading reason for the change in the privacy policy of any business. The chances of a business revising their privacy are more likely due to the latest industry requirements and to one-up their competitors. The biggest epitome of this is the latest iPhone upgrade; their new OS allows users to turn off any chances of data harvest.

These three points are the most important when curating the privacy policy. User trust defines the quality and accountability of any business. The government or state law imposed legal action entails that the policies should be hed. Market competition creates scope for the improvement of the pre-existing privacy policies. You may also refer to the CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance examples attached below for writing assessment answers.

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Here’s how you can write assessment answers for CHCLEG003 manage legal and ethical compliance.

Tip: When reinforcing the compliance policies,
training is essential for employees to follow them
effectively. The more familiar the team members
are with the policies and procedures, the fewer
errors there will be in implementation.

The current economy is becoming more focused on the big companies, and the owners are earning more users' data by the day, ensuring more profits for the businesses. Various countries worldwide are making efforts to beat tax evasion, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

The various legislation around the globe is approving new laws and regulations almost every day to get more control over the flow of funds and transactions. On the other hand, the institutions in favour of public interest are also establishing more controls by keeping multiple checks on the financial market and the companies, especially the companies that work in fund management.

Here are a few methods you can use to keep up with the latest legal developments affecting your business:

  1. Regularly going through regulatory agency websites is helpful to get updates on the legal changes made in the laws and regulations affecting your business.
  2. Follow the legal personalities and the regulatory agencies on social media; this will help you keep up to date with the upcoming trends and changes that may entail in the industry.
  3. Blogs and newsletters effectively offer insight on the legal changes regularly. It is similar to social media, just a bit slower.
  4. Meeting and networking with members of the regulatory agency can also be very useful in keeping up with the latest changes in the legislation.
  5. Conferences and webinars are also good methods to beat FOMO.
  6. Discuss the same with your industry peers to exchange knowledge with them to get the latest information.
  7. Compliance software is an effective way of keeping track of the outdated policies and the policies that require changes according to the regulatory developments.

These tips can help you keep updated with the latest legislation changes and the upcoming trends in the industry. You may or may not follow all these as various resources entail some incorrect information. Be cautious of the source you're using if it offers the latest and correct information. For writing assessment answers, you can also refer to the attached CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance examples.

CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment Answers Sample CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment Answers Sample at My Assignment Services CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment Answers Sample at My Assignment Services in Australia Sample of CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance Assessment Answers at My Assignment Services in Australia

What Are The Traits That The Role Of A Community Services Worker Requires?

Touching people’s lives through community service is a noble profession. Community service workers support communities and disadvantaged groups of individuals at different levels. Working through various issues - poverty, addiction, physical and mental disabilities. Their objective is to find and implement solutions for the challenges faced by individuals or communities. Such a nature of work can be really tough yet rewarding. The traits that a community service worker must possess are:

There are over 1 billion community service workers worldwide. - WHO

  1. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are very useful skills for community service. Resolving community problems and figuring out solutions best suited for everyone is the job of a community service worker.
  2. Working with marginalised or disadvantaged groups requires emotional intelligence to understand the deep-rooted emotional distress and the issues faced by these communities.
  3. Leadership is another skill that is essential for community leaders.
  4. Active listening and communication help get situation insights from the people of a community.
  5. A community service worker must be able to set boundaries to offer adequate help to each member of the community.

Community service is essential; especially the legislative process is very important for analysing and implementing the various solutions in the community. People can often not understand the legal jargon or the government policies and regulations. Community service workers bridge the gap between people and government laws. As per the attached CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance examples, you write your assessment answers.

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