The statement of purpose (SOP) as the name suggests, is written with an intent or purpose. Now, this intent can be getting admission to your dream university or maybe to get entry to your favourite country. However, most of the SOP that the admission officers receive are vague and distracted from this purpose. Now, do you understand the reason for the rejections of the SOP?

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In this blog, ourSOP writing expertswill be briefing you with some lesser-known hacks about a statement of purpose that can change the way you writeSOP for admissionandSOP for Visa.

So, read this further tomake your strongest case for getting admission to your dream college- via your SOP.

A Perfect SOP- The Doorstep To Your Favourite University!

Before we give you some quick tips, have a look at the infographic below to know more about drafting a perfect SOP. Only when you know all about the elements associated with the statement of the purpose, you will be able to draft a praiseworthy SOP for your admission.

All that you need to know about an SOP

We feel ourSOP writershave equipped you with all the necessary information related to an SOP. Now, you are in a position to know how to draft this vital document quickly.

5 Strategies To Draft a Perfect Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

Considered to be the most potent tool for admissions all over the world, certain strategies must be considered while drafting one for yourself. It has been observed that most of the students take it just like any other assignment and write whatever comes to their mind, which leads to rejection of their SOP.

To get one step closer to your dream university, your SOP has to sound brilliant and original. Realising this, ourSOP writing expertsare here with some effective strategies that will make you stand apart among the crowd.

These are:

1. No statements. Weave a complete story

If we go with the psyche of the admission officers who assess your SOP, they are more interested in reading a story as compared to mere statement or headlines. Do you know why?

The reason for this is they want to know who you are apart from your grades and resume. When you weave a beautiful story of who you are, what are your aspirations and motivations, you let them step into your shoe and understand you better.

Stories connect to us more than statements, don’t they?

This is why ourSOP writersalways emphasis on including a relevant and brief story about educational qualification, family background etc in the SOP.

2. Quantify your experiences

You must understand the difference between a story and a thesis. Your story must not exceed a certain word limit. Besides, quantifying your story with numbers does wonders for an SOP. What is the key here is to maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of your story in the statement of purpose.

For instance, if you write “I have to lead a team of 12 students in my university” instead of “I have to lead a team in my university”, the admission officer would be more interested to read it.

3. Be specific

Students generally seekSOP writing servicesbecause they do not write what all to include in the SOP. Ultimately, they end up beating around the bush. Also, this is a general tendency in students to highlight their qualifications and skills, even if they do not possess it, just to impress the admission officers.

On the contrary, our experts always advise students to be specific with mentioning only those things that they have done in reality. Whatever you write in the SOP, dig into the details and be ready to justify it properly in the SOP.

4. Customise your SOP

It has been observed that most of the students stick to a generic template of the SOP for admission. And when they are applying for different universities, they just modify some details and submit their SOP with the rest of the content same.

As per ourSOP writers, every university has unique characteristics and features. This opens the door to a lot of research about the university and the program you are interested in. Therefore, what our experts do is they provide customised guidance to different students, as per the requirements of the university they are applying in. So, every SOP is unique in its way, that is well-researched.

5. Go for a formal, yet conversational tone

A lot of students choose either of these, which is why their SOP get rejected. The statement of purpose is a formal document and thus demand an academic style of writing. This means that it has to free from casual language or slang and also follow a conversational style of writing.

When your SOP has both these elements present in it, you can stay assured that your statement of purpose won’t get rejected.

With these 5 easy hacks, the task of drafting a flawless SOP is not impossible anymore. So, make use of them and go ahead designing one for yourself. If there are certain sections that you don’t understand in your SOP, you can straightaway turn to ourSOP writing helpexperts.

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